4 Basic Steps to Install a Window Air Conditioner

So if you are going to reach out to an Oahu air conditioning installation service,
make sure that you know the correct and important steps that must be followed for the
same. These points will not just help you fix your ac efficiently but prevent you from
making an unnecessary expense in the future.

Although there could be a lot of things involved in ac installation, let us focus on 4 of
these main steps that you must know about. .

  • Get The Accurate Measurement

The first and most important step of a window ac installation is obtaining the precise
measurement of the window. This will allow you to fit in the ac perfectly eliminating the
risk of the ac falling down or constantly being unstable. While measuring the window,
make sure you also mark the center of the window so that you can easily place it during
installation and get the air-conditioner placed evenly.

  • Get Your Window Ready

The next step is to ensure that your window is ready. If you consult a good electrical
contractor in Oahu, he/she would recommend you to use weather strips on the
window so that the tiny holes in or around it is blocked through which air might pass.
Other than that, always check for any crack on the window that might get open after
fixing the ac and try to get it repaired as soon as possible.

  • Fix The  AC’s Outer Case

Once you are done with the above-mentioned steps, place the outer case on the window
in which the ac will be fixed. Don’t forget to check whether or not the case is tightly fixed
before you keep the ac in it. Use the proper tools such as screwdrivers for fitting the case
instead of trying to do it manually. Your case should bs installed with a slope towards
the outside so that the water automatically flows outside.

  • Insert  Your AC Window

The last and final step is to get your ac placed properly. Do not try to do it alone as you
will need an extra set of hands to get the ac inside the case and then fix it using screws.

Trying to do it yourself isn’t the safest of options. If you have marked the window’s
center while measuring you can use that to know the right balance for the ac. After the
ac is placed perfectly, fix it, connect the plugs and, try it.

These are just a few basic steps that as a common man you should know about. But you
should always reach out to a good service provider for installation and ac repairs in
Oahu. Check out Sun Electric & AC Services LLC if you are looking for affordable
professional electric services.

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