7 Must-Have Taxi App Features That Will Help You Outperform the Competition

When Uber took the path less traveled, many startups followed their business model. And it has made a world of difference. Following the rise of a unique taxi service, Uber, there is a gold rush to construct the next outstanding thing.

Who wouldn’t want to be the next Uber? It gives you high revenues, simplified customer acquisition, stress-free management, and, most importantly, a fantastic ROI.

However, in today’s circumstances, the market is nearing saturation. Uber has conquered many countries, and despite its high price, they have successfully grabbed a large market. So, how your “dream” taxi app idea will turn into reality? How are you going to succeed in a crowded market? Can your taxi booking app development partner assist you? 

In this article, you’ll be looking forward to gaining knowledge about the advanced features that you can include in your taxi app to beat giant players like Uber/Lyft. 

What Are the Advanced Taxi App Features That Set It Apart From Uber?

When it’s evident that we need some advanced features to be different and truly unique, let’s get into the specifics. To begin, an Uber-like or other on-demand taxi app model will require a driver, user, and admin app. The admin or dispatcher panel remains hidden behind the scenes, but the drivers and users remain visible. They interact with your customers. As a result, you must create the most enjoyable and beneficial experience for customers with the assistance of a professional taxi booking app builder. And developing a taxi app begins with

Add Schedule Ride Option

There is no guarantee that the consumer will find a car when they need one, no matter how quickly you promise to dispatch a taxi. The on-demand transportation becomes too much, especially during peak/office hours. Therefore, you might consider a feature like scheduling a ride or riding later. You require a taxi booking app development team to handle the creation of this feature.

If you have an advanced booking tool, consider offering them options to edit their trip information and cancel the trip. Consider the inconvenience of driving in this situation. If necessary, set a time limit or charge for cancellation. Consider sending a notification to the user 30 minutes before the ride begins as an add-on to creating a taxi app like Curb.

Allow your users to share ETA and trip status for safety and convenience.

At some point in our lives, we all go behind schedule. And both men and women are concerned about their safety. What majors are you considering for your late-night travelers? So, I’d advise adding a button that allows you to post your ETA and current location status. It puts our friends and family at peace because they now know where we are.

This feature is easily incorporated using the app’s single-button message function. It would be best if you discuss it with your app development team to see how they plan to incorporate the API for this. Ensure that the message reaches the concerned family member as soon as possible (as saved by the rider). You can also integrate favorite social networks and email to share the ride status as a backup strategy. In New York, request this feature from your cab booking app creator.

Go Beyond The Limited ‘Extra Stops’

How many stops can Uber make? Just three! So, picture the convenience you’ll provide your users if you enhance it even more.

That’s your user’s identical problem, which you can fix with an added stop feature while on the road. People traveling in groups may need to stop at many locations to get their essentials. Users can enjoy their rides more comfortably with such a useful multi-stop feature. In this instance, you can create a taxi booking app superior to Uber!

In-App Messaging for Driver-Rider Chit Chats

Isn’t it often tough to contact your driver and explain where you are? Uber has lately noticed the issue and launched an in-app chat feature for drivers and users. Switching between apps to communicate was quite annoying. This problem is easily fixed using in-app messaging.

Real-time discussions will enable the driver and rider to stay in touch even more. And, for convenience, drivers can respond by sending a thumbs up without becoming distracted.

Offer the Benefit of Subscription-Based System Functionality

A subscription-based system is another intriguing and distinct characteristic. Have you never heard of it? Allow me to explain.

A rider in the subscription-based system is asked to purchase distance in kilometers against a set amount of money. These kilometers are purchased under various plans. You can change the plan directly from your admin panel. It is within your power to determine the legitimacy of KMs-for a month or two. When a rider’s subscription expires, it is automatically renewed with new KMs credited to the account. Many payment gateway integrations are available to configure the payment, including Stripe, Braintree, and CCavenue.

Compliments And Tips For Stress-Free Driving

Rating the drivers aren’t always the best method to explain the riding experience and services they provide. That is why you should consider giving the riders various ways to appreciate the drivers.

Uber has already introduced several services for riders to appreciate their drivers. Some of these include compliments such as “Great chat,” “Excellent service,” “Cool automobile,” and so on.

You can, however, add other benefits.

Tipping the drivers with a monetary bonus could also be a key aspect. Giving the drivers money and the fee charged might increase their excitement. What if tipping becomes cashless?

Cashless tipping can assist in alleviating the anxiety riders experience when calculating and providing cash for real. Not only that but being tipped in cash would make it easier for the riders to manage their funds.


When it comes to customizing the functionality of a taxi app, the sky is the limit. I’ve attempted to provide you with the most up-to-date and contemporary features that will set you out from the crowd. The entire market is yours if you are willing to take chances.