A Look at Yellow Fever Shots

A Look at Yellow Fever Shots

is Yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a disease which is caused by a virus. This virus spreads through the bite of an infected mosquito and causes diseases like jaundice, flu, liver failure, kidney failure, etc. Travel shots in New York are recommended to folks who are planning to travel outside the country. There are diseases like yellow fever which are very common in the areas you are traveling to. Hence, it is important to visit a clinic and get

Yello Fever Symtums

Below mentioned are facts you should know about yellow fever.

Symptoms of Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is an acute viral disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes. The term "yellow" refers to jaundice that affects people. Symptoms of yellow fever consist of the following:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle
  • Headache
  • Jaundice
  • Liver

Every year there are about 200,000 cases of fever causing as many as 30,000 deaths worldwide.

Where can you catch yellow fever?

Transmitted by a simple mosquito bite, yellow fever occurs mostly in Africa and South America.

The yellow fever vaccine is suggested for trips to places with the risk of yellow fever transmission. Consult a doctor to know more about fever shots in NYC.

How can you avoid yellow fever?

The best way to avoid yellow fever is to avoid being bitten by a mosquito. You should also:

  • Use mosquito netting over the bed
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants
  • Wear insect-repellents with DEET on exposed skin
  • Wear clothing treated with insect-repellents such as permethrin

Who should not receive the yellow fever vaccine?

The following groups of people should not receive the yellow fever vaccine:

  • Pregnant
  • Anyone
    with a weakened immune system
  • Infants
    younger than 6 months of age
  • Anyone
    with severe egg allergies

can you pay for Yellow Fever vaccinations?

are various healthcare insurance plans that cover the cost of the
vaccinations. Moreover, do not forget to check with your insurance
provider before going to the doctor. In case you do not have any
insurance that covers the vaccines, you can take help from various
vaccine programs. These programs help families who are not able to
afford and do not have access to vaccines.

Before getting vaccines, make sure you gather all the information. If necessary consult a doctor. All you need to know about travel vaccinations.

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