Anthony Constantinou Explain Role Of Rss Feeds In A Website Or Blog

Those online users who are into blogging are learning to or already have RSS feeds linked to their blogs. It is one of the simplest and most useful tools that can be used to increase traffic and exposure for a blog or website. The acronym RSS stands for 'Really Simple Syndication' and is exactly as the phrase suggests. A simple method to make your site or blog accessible to readers all over the world. It utilizes XML a programming language to market every new post or article at a site. Through it the entire article or a synopsis of it is distributed instantly so that online users are made aware that there is something new at a site and that helps to promote it among new readers as well.

This can be done through numerous ways. It can be done by other site owners, who found the particular post or article interesting or useful to their niche. They can then have the content posted at their own site or blog. Anthony Constantinou says, “This of course means that it would take a long time for syndication to happen so enterprising site owners have found a new and more efficient method to use.“

Anthony Constantinou

They take the assistance of a feed reader program to syndicate their content. Using this tool gets provides greater exposure to readers within a short span of time.

The benefit of using a reader is that site owners do not need to wait for visitors and other sites to find their content. They can go ahead and distribute it by themselves. Once those who have read the content via the feed reader, like it or find it relevant they will in all likelihood visit the blog or site and become regular visitors.

A surprising fact is that quite a few interesting blogs lose readers due to forgetting to return for updated information. Anthony Constantinou says, “This problem can be overcome through the use of RSS feed which will automatically update them. Whenever there is new content or a post readers are notified about it. This serves as an effective reminder of sorts to revisit the site or blog again.”

A frequent problem is that readers often subscribe to numerous blogs at a time which they unable to keep track of. This is effectively resolved with RSS feed readers serving as a handy tool that allows such readers to track dozens or more blogs with them not having to visit them to check and see if new content has been posted. They are regularly notified through the feed and can access relevant information within a short span of time.

Nowadays most site owners and bloggers are signing up to receive RSS feeds. They also install the RSS icon at their websites so that interested visitors could subscribe and get notifications of any new content that will be posted. These icons feature either of the acronyms RSS or XML and can be seen on most blogs and websites online these days.

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