Anthony Constantinou Explain The Significance Of A Domain Name And Content Relevancy

Domain Name And Content Relevancy

Not very tech savvy folks like me would definitely agree that years ago stepping online things were far less complex as it is today. Yeah, Yeah I know there are those who would be up in arms and disagree that the net has become much more user friendly than those times. Well all I know was that checking my email and surfing online was a pretty simple task to locate any information I needed. Now, one keeps hearing the term domain frequently being used in Internet parlance. What is a Domain?

A domain name is used to locate an IP address. It can be compared to having a home and giving people who do not know its location, directions so that they can find it easily. Similarly people can be given a domain name to find your website but the Internet needs to have an address (XXX.XXX.XXXX) in digits to be able to direct folks to a website. Prior to deciding to purchase a domain name, you will need to do your homework (in this case research) to check for availability. Do not hope to find regular standard names as they are already taken. You need to get your creative juices flowing and come up with something that stands out. Of course it depends on the products or services you are keen to promote and in the event of having multiple items you can opt for a general domain name.

Thankfully we have Google to help us out and in your browser, enter the name that you are interested in using. It has to be relevant to the product or service on offer (as much as possible). When you hit the enter key you can view the search results that populate the screen. The total number can be viewed in the left hand box area. This will enable you to see the number of people who enter a name that is similar to your product. You can also try out different variations of the names that you like if the one you want is not available.

Now, that you are all set to purchase your domain name you have to find a suitable domain name provider. You can again use the Google search engine and you will immediately get a listed index of domain providers. When you log in to their site (after selecting) you will find a search box. Enter your chosen name to check for availability. If you are lucky you might find one on the first attempt or keep on searching. Be creative and mix them, however do not use the term free within the domain name unless you do plan to give something as such. If any visitors visit your site and feel they have been misled by the term they will leave immediately and there are no hopes of them returning in the future.

In all choosing a domain name is a simple process and all it requires is some time and effort to be able to find a suitable name for your online business. Having an appropriate domain name, will provide you ample opportunities to have online users visit your site regularly and if your site’s content is as good as it’s name you can be reassured of having them become customers.

Content must complement domain name

With the latest updates that Google made to their search engine algorithm it altered the code for ranking of websites. The main objective of this exercise was to raise or diminish the rankings of websites with relation to the content quality and the utilization of exact match domain names. The question is what is an exact match domain name? It implies using a keyword in the title as a web address or name of the company. A case in point being if ‘flood damage and restoration Florida’ was searched for 2000 times in a month and an online entrepreneur decided to name his business using these exact keywords while setting up a website to target users who enter the same search string, without really caring for the quality of content within the site it will definitely be penalized by Google.

The good news is this only impacted a limited percentage of online sites however it lead to website owners ensuring that extra care was taken when selecting the domain name as well as its content and overall payout. This also prevented unscrupulous individuals of misusing keywords within the domain name. Before the updates there were websites which ranked well solely because of using keywords whereas there were other sites which had better content and layout but were lagging in rankings due to not having an exact match domain name.

However, these changes do not spell doom for those websites that have used exact match as a domain name for them and also have quality content. In fact those that have used keywords in their name and ensured to produce a top notch website with good quality content and design are rewarded with positive rankings. What matters are that these online businesses must match up to the guidelines and criteria laid down by the search engines especially Google and if so they will continue to rank well.

The biggest change that came about was a lot of the websites that used exact match domains were delisted from search engine listings altogether. This proved to be a boon for those sites that were well designed and offered quality content as they got higher rankings, with the sites that were shoddily created being sidelined.

A fact to understand is that using keywords within a domain name is not a wrong move as it helps users to ascertain what area or subject the website caters to. This change has only affected those poorly made sites which used exact matches to enhance their rankings. By emphasizing on quality of content there will be an improvement in ranking due to relevance and matter.

Do not pile in an excess of keywords within the site name and keep them within the prescribed limit so as to enjoy the benefits. This ensures that the site does not fall into the exact match category and being delisted. A website that uses a well balanced domain name and keeps relevant content within it will always be preferred both by users as well as the all important search engines. Instead of just having a professional sounding name and offering irrelevant information it is recommended to ensure that your content complements your website name so as to bring in online traffic and be a hit with all.

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