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The 12th week of the Best Player of the United States of America announced

Age is just a number.

This is the main melody of the best player of the Diva United of the United States. Elderly’s outstanding performance allowed them to get many awards.

We started cheap nfl jerseys from china the best offensive players from the United States. 35-year-old quarterback Philip – Rivers (Philip Rivers) is the award winners. In the face of Dallas Cowboy, he won 33 passes for 27 times successful 434 yards 3 times to help Los Angeles lightning 28-6. This victory makes the lightning score reaches 5 wins and 6 losses, and it has a competitiveness for the seasons.

Pittsburgh Steelman encountered opponent Green Bay packaging workers in the game competition. Survey Breget Hundley. But thanks to Cameron Heyward, steel people have escaped. Steelers defensive group made four sacks, and Hayward made two times, making him the AP Defensive Player of the Week.

On Monday night, there was no exciting, but we saw an impressive special group performance. When Baltimo is in the first half of the four-speed 6 yard, the Sam Koch will be unexpectedly passed to the teammate Chris Moore, the latter Take 22 yards. This may be the most beautiful pass in the whole game, which makes Koch become the best special team players in Mei Week.

Atlantan Falc, Julio Jones, in the game, Daxie Bay Pirate defensive group, who completed 253 yards 2 times, helping the Falcon 34-20 to overcome pirates. This is the most great performance since Jones has achieved 300 yards since last season. Jones thus became the best offensive player in China.

Luke Kuechly has achieved bright data in the game competition, but when he became the best defensive player of China, because of this defense: his 34 yards rushed back to attack. This time I scored a turning point of the game, helping the Carolina Black Panther finally defeated the New York jet.

There are many old people who will play hands and still have to be strong, and cheap Miami Dolphins jerseys the Sen Sen (Phil Dawson) is also the same. This is the first season of this career wholesale nfl jerseys for sale the first season for the Delivery of Cleveland Brown and San Francisco 49. He became a key to the key, hit 4 years in the game of 27-24, and hit 4, including 57 yards. This is enough to make him a Best Technical Group player.