What To Expect Before And After The Ultherapy Treatment

What is Ultherapy?  

Ultherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure done to tighten and lift the sagging skin using ultrasound energy. It passes ultrasound sound energy to the skin, its layers, and facial muscles to revitalize collagen production and elastic tissue for giving a firmer skin.

When it comes to age-defying secrets, surgical treatments are not the only solution. The trend of non-invasive treatments is growing rapidly in the modern era. Recently, Jeniffer Aniston has also appreciated Ultherapy and laser treatments for its great results.

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Everybody wants to stop the aging process. Unfortunately, people don’t know how to. Today, you have the choice of using effective non-surgical treatments for a youthful look, instead of the surgical methods. Thus, ultherapy is one of the most effective natural cosmetic procedures for getting age-defying skin. As you age, the process of collagen production slowdowns. As a result, you start losing healthy collagen cells in your face that cause wrinkles and sagging skin.

So what to expect in Ultherapy before and after? 

Before Ultherapy, schedule a consultation with your doctor to determine whether you are the right candidate or not for Ultherapy. This consultation visit will give you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and goals with your doctor.

Ultherapy doesn’t require any special kind of preparation. There is minimal preparation you need to do before Ultherapy. Carry on with your normal routine activities like eating, working out and drinking prior to the Ultherapy procedure. It is important that your face must be makeup-free and should not have any product on before the procedure.

Also, make sure you didn’t have any skin treatments going on before the Ultherapy procedure.

After Ultherapy:

There are no steps you need to follow after the Ultherapy. In fact, you can return to routine activities. When it comes to the results, they will start appearing soon after the procedure. Some people might experience slight swelling or tingling. But it should disappear after some time and is temporary.

Ultherapy is a natural cosmetic procedure that targets your facial wrinkles and sagging skin for making it firmer and tightened. Ultherapy technology is approved by the FDA and is also practiced in thousands of global medical and cosmetic clinics in NY. The results are also long-lasting.

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