Benefits of Swing Sets & Outdoor Play Systems for playground

Why Kids Need to Play Outside More on the playground

If you’re a parent in 2021, you’d probably give anything to find some constructive ways to help wean your children off their screen addictions. A moderate amount of screen time is not necessarily harmful; for example, some interactive digital applications can help children learn, be creative, and develop problem-solving skills. However, the keyword here is moderate, and many of today’s children are engrossed in their screens for hours on end.

Send your kids outside to play! This is a novel solution that requires no batteries or special technology. Active outdoor play provides positive health and growth benefits for children of all ages, according to research. However, providing your children with engaging activities is one of the keys to outdoor play success. More specifically, provide them with something to play with! To that end, swing sets and play structures are available.

Benefits of Swing Sets & Playsets on Playground

So, what are some of the specific advantages of connecting your children to a swing set or outdoor playset? Thank you for inquiring! Here’s a shortlist to get you started; this is by no means an exhaustive list!

Ø  Gets kids outdoors on playground

Getting outside for some fresh air is beneficial to the lungs, and spending time outside in nature is beneficial to the soul. Children require time outside to help their developing immune systems, and time outside is also a great way to help them clear their minds. Time spent outside has been linked to positive outcomes such as less depression, more energy, and the ability to sleep better. Having a swing set or playset available encourages your children to spend some productive time outside, as well as helps children develop a better appreciation for the great outdoors in general.

Ø  Helps kids to enjoy physical exercise

Playsets are an excellent way to encourage children to engage in physical activity in a fun and engaging way. Jumping, climbing, and sliding provide endless opportunities for motor development, lung development, and muscle development.

Take, for example, a swing set. A swing set is an excellent way to keep your child healthy and active. The rush of flying through the air is intoxicating, but the only way to get there on your own is to pump your legs to generate the necessary momentum. Swinging is, simply put, exercise-fueled fun.

Ø  Teaches important life skills

Kids can learn many valuable life skills at the swing set or playset, whether they are playing in a group or waiting their turn for a favourite play element. Children can learn important skills such as cooperative play, fair play, compromise, and teamwork in an outdoor play setting. But what if a child is playing alone or simply does not want to socialise on a given day? That’s fine, too; they can still learn the importance of patience, sharing, and respecting personal boundaries. In many ways, some of life’s most important lessons can be learned on the playground.

Ø  Inspires creativity & imagination

Giving children opportunities to play outside and develop their imaginations by allowing them to create their own adventures is an important part of their mental health. Physically navigating and manipulating a playset or swing set will engage your children in ways that an electronic screen will never be able to.

Ø  The swinging experience is just plain relaxing

Kids today face more stress than many people realize, juggling school performance expectations, managing the hustle and bustle of all those extracurricular activities, and dealing with the stresses of being a member of a modern family. Swinging is a simple, peaceful motion that allows kids (and adults!) to relax, unwind, and de-stress. There is no right or wrong way to swing, and there is no specific goal to achieve. Swinging is a relaxing and enjoyable activity that should be encouraged.

Ø  Outdoor play helps to build community

Swing sets and playsets provide something for your child to do with friends and neighbours if he or she already has a lot of peer relationships. If your child is more socially awkward or hesitant, playgrounds provide a safe environment for forming new relationships and making new friends.

Ø  Provides real benefits to parents, too

Having a swing set in your backyard or easy access to a nearby playground isn’t just good for your kids; it’s also good for parents. While the kids are outside having fun, this can provide a window of opportunity for you to focus on some other things you need to take care of. Outdoor swing set or playset activity also allows your children to let off some much-needed steam, which means you’ll have less of a fight on your hands when it’s time to put them to bed. Furthermore, a swing set large enough to accommodate adults provides you with something you can enjoy for yourself in your spare time!

Ø Learning Life Skills

Kids learn a plethora of life skills on their wooden swing sets, whether they are playing in a group or waiting their turn in line. These skills, ranging from interpersonal office skills to parenting techniques, will be useful to them in the future. When children play in groups, they learn important skills such as cooperative play, compromise, fair play, and teamwork. They practice their social skills and improve their communication skills by resolving situations that arise during this playtime.

Even if a child does not want to socialize, they can learn patience, turn-taking, and personal boundaries by practicing these lessons on the swings.

Ø Being in the Great Outdoors

Getting children outside in the fresh air and bright sunlight is beneficial to their health. According to this ScienceDirect study, spending time outside boosts your immune system, calms your overly active brain, improves your overall outlook and mental health, generates more positivity, and reduces stress and instances of depression. In fact, playing outside in nature can boost creativity and focus, so take advantage of this natural mood enhancer and boost your children’s self-esteem the healthy way.

Cognitive Benefits of Swinging

Swinging is especially beneficial for very young or developmentally challenged children. Sensory integration includes spatial awareness as well as inner ear balance. Swinging gives the child’s brain practice organizing and interpreting spatial information, laying the groundwork for later complex learning and behavior.

In fact, the rocking motion of swinging stimulates the cerebral cortex, which helps you focus. According to studies, students are more focused and ready to learn after recess. Additionally, the twisting and untwisting of swings or spinning on tyre swings stimulates areas of the brain that are important pathways for skills such as spatial awareness, balance, muscle control, and rhythm.

Even If You Own a Playground Playset, It’s Great to Take Your Kids to the Playground, Too!

Although having a personal playset in your own backyard is wonderful, there is sometimes no substitute for taking your children to local Inclusive playground equipment with the best commercial-grade play equipment. Don’t know where to find a good local playground? Then it’s time to persuade your local park, school, church, or HOA group to invest in a perfect commercial playground facility installed by Carolina Recreation & Design! They can install whatever custom play solution you require, and they can handle everything from site planning to site preparation to site amenities. Contact Carolina Recreation & Design today; they would be delighted to answer any and all of your questions!



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