Building a Medical Dispatch Software | Its Unique Benefits and Features

Medical emergencies can take place anytime. We have come across several cases where patients have lost their lives due to the unavailability of the facilities. With the change in time, various modern ambulances are available that encompass the cardioverter, ECG monitor, transport ventilators, suction units, external pacemaker, oxygen supply units, etc. 

But still, there are instances where we see ambulances not reaching the site on time resulting in loss of lives. In situations like these, to save precious souls, the advanced on-demand ambulance app has proved to be beneficial due to its latest aspects.

Ambulance Dispatch System (ADS) Software

The ambulance dispatching company requires robust software to check whether every aspect is fulfilled or not. The other name for ADS is a computer-aided dispatch system (CAD). The information about the pace at which the ambulance is dispatched is kept updated within the system. There is a dedicated tracking status which the company enables to keep in check how many ambulances per area are being allotted. 

Everything is tracked, and whenever the system receives a phone call from the user, the important information is recorded along with the location particulars. After that, the currently available ambulance is detected and sent to the place within minutes.

Here, just the specifics need to be accurately fed into the system, and everything gets processed accurately.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Software

When critical medical facilities are provided out-of-hospital or to certain definitive care units to patients with severe injuries and illnesses, it is known as an emergency medical service. The billing, CAD, ePCR, scheduling, etc., is in one consolidated frame. This EMS Software smoothly organizes the complete functions right from individuals to the profit. This software helps in gaining efficiency and enhances team performance, eventually leading to high-end revenue.

Benefits of EMS software


Those days are over when the paperwork was required to maintain the data. Now, with the use of technology, an all-in-one solution assimilates various departments with multiple modules. There is a complete removal of inessential data entries and hand-operated data.


The automation, along with data lucidity and data synchronization in actual time across every component, increases the efficiency of the system. This leads to the effective placement of the manpower at an adequate place at a suitable time. Thus, there is no time wastage, and everything is just perfectly aligned to improve the utilization.


This system has an automatic logging process, where the performance of the employees is inserted. Then their work is monitored and estimated on a daily basis. This means that every single bit of information is tracked. Hence, the employees are dedicated to performing their tasks properly and accurately because of the accountability they hold.


The system assigns excellent resources with systematic operation. This results in better application and extended profitability.

How to build ambulance software?

Today advanced technologies are utilized to build robust communication between the patients and the hospital staff. Such a solution is helpful in overcoming the variance by structuring a coherent ambulance dispatch software. Within this software, there is an integrated GPS system that helps the patients in sending their precise location to the ambulance drivers. It ensures that the emergency medical facility is allocated to the patients at the time of need.

Market research:

Before starting a full-fledged business of online ambulance services, it’s necessary to do in-depth market research of the existing industry. This procedure helps in finding out the inconsistency in the healthcare sector. There are various organizations, whether government or private, that are already providing such ambulances. 

The prime reason for investing in such solutions is the amazing profits that are advantageous for any business. Apart from this, it has been successful in saving the life of patients. So, to excel in any field, it’s paramount to see if any changes are required in the current functioning of the services and how it can be possible to offer an extraordinary solution to the consumer.

Customizing the functionalities:

For obvious reasons, it is quite understandable that this software will be helpful for the patients, the ambulance drivers, and the medical health service providers. Therefore, it’s crucial to integrate and control the work plan of these three modules. Hence, one should look at all the aspects and build a contemporary software that can provide functionalities of all three essentials.

As stated earlier, it is the prime responsibility to see what issues are customer-facing, and work should be done in that direction. Depending upon the criteria being set by the individual or business enterprises, one can include the configurations and the scalability factors.

Framing the Mock-up:

It’s very critical to execute the ideas and implement them in a real-world scenario. So to launch a software successfully, prototyping is extremely fundamental. The ambulance software mock-up also requires better testing to see how it works in actuality. 

Such prototype models are sent to the users for beta testing to check whether the software product is satisfying the end users or not. After checking and updating all the errors, one can release the software.

Utilizing the Best Tech Stack:

To build an innovative ambulance dispatch software, multiple technologies are used in fusion. The best Tech Stack is basically the apt usage of the diverse frameworks, programming languages, better UI/UX design, programming languages, etc. To make the software more relevant, make sure that the latest specifications and features should be included in the software from the outlook of all the parties involved.

More Emphasis on Designing: 

The fundamental key to success in any business is the acknowledgment of the user towards the product. Thus, it becomes obligatory to offer an outstanding interface(UI) to the users. The vital things involved in building a fine UI are simple overall design and well-planned color in the page layout. It also consists of navigation buttons, text fields, check boxes, etc. 

Taking note of all these things uplifts the aesthetics of the entire module. A visually appealing interface improves user delight by enhancing the practicality and operability of the product. 

Estimation of Development Cost:

Every factor is requisite as the development cost relies on numerous aspects such as characteristics, developers’ site, technology stack, platforms, frameworks used, etc. 

How to Become an Ambulance Dispatcher?

A high school diploma is necessary in becoming an ambulance dispatcher. However, certain employers have a 2-year or 4-year degree in computer science, justice, and communication. Most importantly, the hiring process includes a written examination typing test followed by an interview. Besides this, the applicant needs to go through a background check and qualify for a lie detector or drug test. After completing the procedure, the individual has to go through proper training and then complete the probation period of almost a year. The organizations teach the ambulance dispatchers about the CAD(computer-aided dispatch software)and EMD(emergency medical dispatcher)

Features of Medical Dispatch Software

Customer App:

Profile Creation: 

After installing the software successfully, the customer creates its profile by using a valid email ID or simply connecting through their social media channels. Basic information like name, contact number, age, diseases if any, along with emergency contact details of any family member or friend in case of plight.

Emergency booking option: 

In catastrophe-like situations, emergency booking availability helps the patients directly book an ambulance without navigating through the entire software application.

Ambulance type and arrangement: 

The availability of different sizes of the vehicle is also a great option where users can choose the kind of ambulance based on its size. Also, access to an ambulance should be provided at any hour of the day.

Use of filters with a real-time tracker: 

While searching for any specific aspect of the product, filters are used to fetch better results without wasting much time. This is known as the smart searching technique. Also, the consumers are helped by the live tracking option as they get to know about the approximate arrival time of the ambulance.

Multi device and language support: 

This feature helps the software to get installed on every platform i.e., android as well as iOS. The use of different languages is quite helpful to both drivers and patients. In case of a serious emergency, miscommunication should not happen. Thus, multi-lingual support works well to provide ease in communication.

Secure transaction: 

Almost every sort of payment method should be included with absolute transparency and security. This helps the users to perform transactions with whatever mode the user wants to utilize. The transaction receipts should be made available for each payment activity. 

Customer support: 

As these medical emergencies are serious, there is the availability of technical assistance 24/7 for the users. This kind of aid is required when the ambulance is not available or, due to certain conditions, the driver is unavailable.

Healthcare  panel:

User profile: The system should be fed with important information like basic contact details with valid phone numbers, email addresses, and faculties available at different times. It also includes the doctor’s details like name, area of specialization, age, experience, etc.

Notifications: The alerts are sent to the hospitals’ web panel, where they receive queries about the patients. This helps the hospital faculties to make a suitable arrangement for the patients to be prepared beforehand.

Contact and track the ambulance: The paramedics are often in association and connection with the healthcare team to get details about the latest condition of the patients.

Driver app:

Registration and Login: This characteristic helps in filling all the requisites for the driver like his name, phone number, address, and, most important, driving license number. This process is known as registration, and after this, the driver can log in to their account.

Accept and Reject the Bookings: Whenever the driver receives a request, it should be their prerogative to either undertake the booking or cancel it. But whatever the decision is taken by the ambulance driver, it should be accepted with adequate proof.

Patient’s Information: After accepting the booking from the patient, this attribute helps the driver in getting the information regarding the patient. The necessary details include the patient’s number, alternative contact information, pick-up location, etc.

Ambulance Availability Status: Whenever a booking is made, the application should allow the drivers to update the status as “not available”. Similarly, in case the trip ends, the status should be made “available”. Now, everything related to the status availability of the vehicle, the start, and end of the trip, is upgraded automatically.

Route Guidance: The ambulance drivers are fully equipped with AI-enabled systems that help in guiding them to take the most convenient path. They also help in providing the shortest routes, even the less chaotic ways to reach their destinations in minimum time.

Automatic Fare Calculations: There is the proper integration of the automatic fare calculation techniques to avoid mistakes and errors. This fare calculator works on certain criteria like ambulance size and type of vehicle booked. Also, the total distance between the patient’s location to the hospital and the healthcare center.

Feedback: This corner is specially framed to enable the user to give their response about the entire trip. This helps the other consumers to decide whether to take the emergency help from the same place or not. In the case of positive customer ratings, higher incentives are paid.

Alert Updates: In a serious situation, prompt notifications are continuously sent to the driver for new requests, patient’s health briefs, and route switching due to unforeseen conditions.

Other beneficial features

Admin profile: The admin controls every aspect of the software application. It has access to every section, from where the ID passwords can be checked, verified, and changed. In this way, the activity of the user, ambulance driver, and the medical facilitator can be tracked.

Admin dashboard: The dashboard acts as a monitor through which every activity of the three major modules can be managed because of the utilization by multiple users at the same time. Even it controls the activities of the ambulance drivers to check their customer ratings, attendance, and performance.

Complaint management: This module helps in acquiring various complaints and inquiries related to the medical dispatch software. The admin’s job is to work out the issues, solve the loopholes and boost the business.

Final Words

Online ambulance booking software application is a flourishing business in the current scenario. At suffescom solutions, there is an experienced team of developers who can help you develop medical dispatch software.