Decentralized Web3 Apps: The Internet Of Future

Decentralized Web3 Apps: The Internet Of Future

Build and launch Peer-To-Peer (P2P) network-based decentralized Web3 applications and distinguish yourself from others. Allow our skilled Web3 application developers to create apps distributed on a decentralized P2P network for a premium Web3 development service. Align your company with the advanced internet phase characterized by transparency, decentralization, and widespread acceptance.

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We’re a well-established Web3 application development company that provides new opportunities for business owners. Our interactive Web 3.0 applications combine Artificial Intelligence and Web technologies seamlessly. We examine podcasts, blogs, social networking sites, shared news, and other technology-based possibilities to interact online with friends, family, communities, and like-minded people through Web 3.0 development services. 

As an industry, we contextualize unmatched consumer experiences with efficient technology resources. We listen to our customers’ concepts and turn them into deployable digital solutions.

Web3 Architecture Explained 

What Is Web3 Application Development?

Web3 or Web 3.0 refers to a possible future version of the internet based on public blockchain technologies known for facilitating bitcoin transactions. The allure of Web 3.0 is that it is decentralized; instead of users accessing the internet through Google, Apple, or Facebook-managed services, individuals own and regulate portions of it. 

At Suffescom, the best developers provide superior security and privacy solutions in decentralized applications built on an open-source platform. One part of Web 3 gaining traction is decentralized finance or DeFi.

Potential Of Web 3.0 Development 

Web3 dApp Is The Solution To Safe Data & Variety Of Purposes.

People nowadays are scared and more conscious about their data. Web3 provides the best solution for the users to control their data with decentralized networks. dApps are blockchain-based software apps that can be used for various purposes.

Ethereum is mainly used for the web3 app’s development because it is the most versatile and robust blockchain platform for constructing decentralized apps. However, developing dApps is not restricted to Ethereum; several other blockchain systems, including Hyperledger, Corda, Tezos, EOS, and others, have emerged with their own set of benefits. 

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Why Web3 Applications

Why Web3 Community Use Decentralized Application


Web3 application works on a decentralized network to provide users with tamper-proof data unaffected by any breach in security or hacking. 

Fast Payment Process

Using web3 applications makes the payment process faster without the middle way payment gateways and the other bank institutions. 


Web3 architecture promotes confidentiality & enhancing user privacy as there is no personal information required during the sign-ups. 

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Why Web3?

What Makes Web 3.0 Platform A Better Choice For Future Internet?


Interoperability makes it easier for applications to work across different devices and platforms, such as televisions, cellphones, etc. 


Large corporations do not have control over the internet any longer. As a result, decentralized apps cannot be restricted in any manner.

Secure Network

Hackers will struggle to get access to the network. Each of their operations can be retracted within the network if they can.


Anyone can create and interact with a blockchain address. Digital assets can be transferred quickly and efficiently across the globe.

Data Ownership

End users will regain full ownership and control of their data and benefit from encryption security without any risk of a data leak.


Users can easily access the data from anywhere as devices are connected to the Internet, and content is accessible in many apps.


Robust SDKs For Any Platform

Web SDKs

Create effective UI & excellent UX with the best React SDK and bring your webpage (frontend) to web3 with ease.

Game SDKs

The best game SDK allows you to create web3 games on any platform, including web, mobile, Xbox, and Playstation. 

Backend SDK

Using our NodeJS SDK, connect your backend infrastructure to web3 and all the functionalities in the process. 

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Decentralized Web3 Applications

Technology We Mastered

The Web3 Architecture Developer Stack

Web3 Libraries/dApps

Users can simply communicate with the blockchain, make transactions, and deal with smart contracts using Web3 frameworks. They can create decentralized applications that live on the blockchain using a web3 library.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the pieces of code that run on the blockchain. They are steadfast and work within the blockchain. Users can use Solidity language to create smart contracts. Most developers use Remix IDE. 

Nodes/Web3 Providers

Users can obtain data from the blockchain with the nodes or Web3 providers. A web3 library cannot communicate with intelligent contracts without nodes; hence, it is an integral component of the web3 developer stack. 


A blockchain wallet address serves as a user’s identity while storing the owner’s numerous cryptocurrencies. Users must verify the transaction and pay a charge to the network if they want to write to the blockchain. 

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Web 3.0 Platform

Best Examples Of Web3 Applications In 2022


Sapien is the best social news site (like Facebook, and Google) replacement powered by the Ethereum blockchain. This decentralized app allows users to construct their app without any payment need.


Everledger is the distributed global registry application that is used to keep records of the users. Users can easily access the data in the cloud as it helps to keep users, banks, open markets, and insurance safe from any fraud. 


LBRY is a decentralized digital library with a wide range of content. As a user, you can read, watch, and play on the site. Because it covers books, music, and movies, it appears to be one of the first Web 3.0 projects.


Storj is the most historic and the best-decentralized storage solution where any user can store their data. With the dispersed network, it provides some advantages of cloud storage while making use of blockchain. 


Ethlance is an online decentralized platform providing employment by connecting job seekers to employers. It also helps the freelancers to have complete control over their work, and process the payments in ETH.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser provides the ad-blocking and the other safety features and is known to be the most secure browser ever developed. It allows users to support their favorite website and gives options to sell their data. 


ySign is the blockchain-based decentralized messaging app providing privacy and an integrated crypto wallet. ySign works on the power of thousands of computers in the world with no central server to store any data.

Beaker Browser

Beaker Browser is a free and open-source web browser that allows users to publish their website and web apps from the browser. It is a peer-to-peer browser that maintains a unique web server and hosts the user’s content.


Livepeer is a decentralized peer-to-peer video streaming application that allows you to generate high revenue by selling advertisement space. It also provides users with a communication tool to connect two people.


Sola is a decentralized social platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and is powered by distributed nodes, and IPFS. Sola creates a combination of social networks and media using blockchain artificial intelligence.

Web3 Development Company

What Our Web3 Developers Can Develop For You…

  • dApp/DeFi Projects
  • Smart Contracts
  • Crypto Wallet
  • Trading Exchange
  • Web3 software
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Contract Audits
  • Blockchain Consulting
  • Token Creation
  • Wallet Integration
  • APIs for Tokens
  • NFT Game Development

Top-Notch Solutions

Industries We Cater With Web3 Development Solutions

Our Web3 development company designs cutting-edge mobile and web-based decentralized applications for different industries, and we’re always looking for more.


Decentralized financing (also known as distributed finance) is a technical term that describes how the financial industry is changing as a result of the use of blockchain technology.


Decentralized Web3 applications are playing a major role in helping the healthcare industry to maintain medical records with authenticity and security on the blockchain platforms.  


The banking sector will have open Banking data and capabilities that will be directly available to the Web 3.0 ecosystem. It provides data security from any kind of fraud or hack.


Web 3.0 platform provides a fully integrated system across the entire supply chain/logistics from the moment shipment leaves the factory, to the time it reaches the final consumer.


Web3 is exemplified by the advent of social commerce as the next frontier in shopping. Customers will be able to purchase things from a Web store using dApps running on the blockchain.

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Engagement Models

Hire Offshore Web3 Developers

We at Suffescom Solution seek to make Web3 development services more inexpensive and accessible to enterprises all over the world. We give appropriate solutions that help your organization to achieve success using our experience in Web3 architecture. Make use of a top-tier web3 development company like ours to satisfy all of your company’s needs. We don’t believe in long-term commitments, so you just pay for what you use. Suffescom recognizes that business needs change, which is why all of our products are built to be flexible. 

Hire Dedicated Web3 Developers 

What Does A Web3 Developer Do?

Hire offshore Web3 application developers to build a peer-to-peer network with a central hub that controls everything. Hire our dedicated Web3 developers to benefit your organization and keep ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology solutions. Use the potential of decentralized applications to offer transparency and security to your business ecosystem by hiring our Web3 developers. 

Let’s Do This

Web3 Development Process


  • Business Analysis
  • Documenting Specifications
  • Preparing Wireframes
  • Getting Client Approval


  • Crafting App Prototype
  • Making Changes
  • Getting Client Approval
  • Implementing Feedback


  • Development Strategy
  • Testing Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Product Release

Technology Stack

Web3 Application Development Tools Every Developer Should Use

  • Verida
  • Blockstack
  • Sovrin
  • Filecoin
  • 3Box