Developing Your Own Dating App Like Tinder In 2022 | A Complete Guide To Key Features, Cost & Time Frames

Dating apps have entirely changed the way love happens. With the arrival of apps like Tinder in the digital world, finding a partner of choice is just a tap away. Whether you need a partner to hang out with or simply for a night date, dating apps have become their first option to go. What Makes a Tinder Like App a desirable option? COVID-19 is one of the reasons. With malls and cafes shut down, people have found dating apps an alternative to yearn for a new connection and get out of boredom. Also, the current situation has forced many businesses to wonder how to build a dating app like Tinder? They found the Dating app a good startup option to make a mark in the dating world and earn massive revenue.

Considering the success of Tinder, which has a monthly app profit of over 65 M USD with more than 6 M installations in the first half of 2021. As the market of on-demand dating apps is likely to grow, the number will continue to grow even in the coming years. This shows it is the most significant moment for entrepreneurs to jump into the sector with their dating apps. If you also have an idea of Tinder alternatives app development, this blog is worth reading. It covers all the reasons to build a dating app like Tinder, must-have features, the development cost, and many other important aspects. Let's get started!

What Is the Secret Behind the Growing Popularity Of Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app that can be downloaded either on iOS or Android. The popularity of Tinder is due to its simplicity, user-friendliness, and intuitive interface. The key characteristic that makes Tinder unique is geographical proximity that allows users to identify nearby mates quickly. Another interesting thing about Tinder is that it also uses Facebook profiles to provide recommendations based on geolocation, familiar friends, and hobbies. 

Here Comes The Features That You Have To Keep In Mind When Building Apps Like Tinder!

Behind the success of dating apps like Tinder, some features play a great role. So what features are important and you need to consider in your dating app like Tinder? Check them below:

Social Media Integration: The sign-up process of dating apps like Tinder needs to be as simple as possible. It is really a lot of hassle when one is required to add multiple details while signing up on the app. So if you are planning to build an app that look like Tinder, make sure to go with the social media integration of Facebook and Google. With this, users do not have to add basic profile details like email ID, name, and other details. 

Advanced Search Functionality: A dating app must have a feature to find a specific person. Well, the advanced search feature inside your Tinder app allows users to search for the person based on their name, age, or other criteria. This feature makes it easy for one to connect people of their choice most easily. It's time for you to give the Tinder like feel to your dating app and allow users to search for people they want on the app. You can consider adding plenty of filters and an advanced search feature to enhance the user search experience. 

Calendar Integration: Another feature like calendar integration inside the dating app allows you to manage all the dates easily. You will be notified who is in the dating list and other details with these features. This is one of the vital app features that you simply cannot ignore to add. This feature allows users to know about all the past activities they had on the app. 

Live Video Calling: Most people prefer to talk to the dating person before meeting them. After completing the initial chat, they can bring a live video calling feature into use. Such a feature allows people to contact each other live and understand whether they want to meet that specific person or not. 

Notification & Real-time Alerts: Personalization is also one of the keys to enhancing users' experience while using the dating app. When you are about to build dating apps like Tinder, add real-time alerts and notification features. The feature helps send alerts to users about every detail related to them or dating apps.

Smart Matching Feature: Automation has taken the technological boundaries to the next level. You can also include a smart matching feature inside the dating app so users can search for partners based on age, location, hobbies, and interests. Users can find their potential partners simply and quickly based on specifications and expectations.

Some Key Elements To Consider – How To Build A Dating App Like Tinder?

When it comes to building dating apps like Tinder, below are a few key elements to take into consideration:

Study Your Competitors and Target Audience: Building a dating app is a great place to make a start. To reach the best solution, you can consider examining top-rated dating apps, examine their characteristics and significant similarities between them. The comprehensive examination of the competitors will help you better determine what to succeed with and what to ignore. You have to focus on what the audience wants to develop a successful dating app. 

The Next Focus Is On More User-friendly Interface: The User Interface of your online dating app is extremely important and has a significant impact on the user experience. The good design of the dating app means keeping everything easy and intuitive. Your audience wants an easy-to-understand UX design. The design that includes

  • Easy-to-find buttons.
  • Choose colors that match the overall design.
  • The app does not have too many graphics.

This means the overall design should be appealing, engaging, and straightforward. 

Go with The Selection Of Right Revenue Model: There are various monetization options for developing dating apps. There are multiple ways to earn money with a dating app. Below are some of the good dating app monetization ideas: 

In-app Advertisement Model: Ads are often a good approach to generate revenue. Dating apps are an ideal marketplace for brands to earn based on users' data and behavior. 

Subscription-Based Model: This model makes you earn by allowing users to pay for using the app for a certain period.

Freemium Model: This model is another popular way to make money with a dating app. There are dating apps that offer freemium services allowing users to use the app without paying for some features. 

Get Started With Development Process With Expert Developers: The most time-consuming step entails building each of the dating app elements. When developing a dating app, developers focus on the security, localization, and all other elements mentioned above. Another important feature that needs to be added to the app is account verification. It allows your app to check for a new user's social media profile for authenticity. 

Testing Is Vital Before Final Releasing Of The App: Before the final delivery of the app, the development team needs to conduct quality assurance testing. For this, you'll need experienced testers in a team who can manage the flaws before the app officially launches. 

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dating App Like Tinder?

Now we explain the costs And timeframes to develop dating apps similar to Tinder. To determine the exact cost of developing a dating app like Tinder, there are several factors to take into consideration; 

  • Features you are adding to the app
  • Technology Stack to be used
  • Platform either iOS and Android
  • Experience & region of the dating app development company

In terms of Hours: Building an app like Tinder takes 1200 to 1500 hours for both Android and iOS. For a single platform, building a dating app like Tinder is somewhere 400 hours. 

In terms Of Months: A basic dating app like Tinder without any additional features may take up to 4 months. On the other hand, if you have a complex Tinder app requirement, it will take more time to complete the project. It takes up to 6 months to develop such an app. 

Final Thoughts!

Have an idea to create a Dating app like Tinder? Are you looking to transform it into reality? Now that you understand entirely the concept of the Tinder Clone app, its features, and many other aspects, the next step is to develop a dating app employing expert developers and marketers. A team of highly-qualified developers is necessary to have on your side if you have a good idea to make it a reality. Contact Suffescom - a top dating app development company, to take your dating app idea to the next level.