Doctor On Demand Mobile App Development: Cost & Features

People frequently require medical attention. After making an appointment, the best way to contact the doctor is to go see them. However, due to an increase in the number of patients, doctors’ busy schedules, and other factors, you’ll need to find another method of communication. Keeping in mind that traveling for an hour for a 5-minute visit is not the best option. Furthermore, health issues cannot postpone; they must be address.

As a result, using a smartphone to visit a doctor is the most convenient option. It eliminates the problem of treatments being postponed for any reason. The ability to contact doctors via the internet saves not only time but also money and the environment by reducing additional commuting.

Doctor prescriptions are now available for the on-demand culture. When the pandemic spread around the world, many doctors began offering teleconsultation. The on-demand doctor app was born out of this teleconsultation. Using the Smartphone and a few taps on the screen, users can make appointments over the phone. Users do not have to queue, and the best option is for senior citizens. OPD is frequently crowded throughout the year in areas with high population density.

In developing countries, overcrowded OPDs are neither comfortable to wait in nor safe for contamination. The best way to relieve crowding in OPDs is to divide arriving patients into two groups: those who must visit the OPD and those who can communicate via pone but whose issues are not resolved here.

For many years, telephonic consultation has been available. It has gotten a boost from social distancing and the increased work of health workers. The market for such an app is constantly expanding. The market is expected to reach USD 40 billion this year. Today, online consultation is the ideal way to deliver services that are free of contamination.

Overall, online consultation reduces the stress experienced by health care providers. They can exhale with a sigh of relief and a sense of responsibility. They were also relieved from having to keep track of appointments on a daily basis thanks to the integrated clinic schedule maintenance tool.

What is the purpose of the Doctor On Demand App?

The on-demand doctor app is a cutting-edge app that allows doctors and patients to communicate over the internet. The app includes a number of useful features that make online consultations go more smoothly. In both altruistic and financial beneficial ways, the great way of providing services to end customers is now more prevalent in the medical industry.

The Importance of a Healthcare On-Demand App

Currently, the majority of the population is concerned about some aspect of healthcare. Medical professionals must make decisions that will keep the public healthy and save lives. It is critical to have a strong IT infrastructure in order to keep other services running. The same is true in the medical field. The on-demand industry facilitates and accelerates decision-making.

Smartphones have made it easier to monitor a patient’s health by providing an app that allows them to do so. The data provided by the apps can be used to take important steps in the direction of improving people’s health.

Both doctors and patients benefit from it.

A doctor must have a thorough understanding of his or her patient. Along with the important assessments, X-rays, Test reports, and MRI reports available on demand, the on-demand app aids in the treatment of emergency situations. Doctors can provide consultation and prescriptions on the app in a few minutes for simple cases using doctor appointment booking app development. This allows medical professionals to provide better care to their patients.

Relationships of Collaboration

The need for a doctor to be present at a patient’s location has eliminate thanks to doctor-on-demand app development solutions. Currently, this restriction only applies to critical care. An app is use to manage all appointments, test results, and subsequent follow-ups. For people who live in remote areas, on-demand app development is a godsend. The on-demand doctor app is design to handle everything from reminding patients about their medication schedules to monitoring treatment issues and communicating with them.

Apps for Doctors on Demand Market Stats

The telemedicine market has grown significantly during the ongoing pandemic. In 2019, the global teladoc clone app market was estimated to be worth nearly $50 billion. However, the global telemedicine market is expect to grow at a 25.8% CAGR from $79.7 in 2020 to $396.76 in 2027. Because of the rapid growth, it is expect to reach $460 billion by 2030. The market has bolster by a number of factors, including increased standard health-care costs, telemedicine funds, and an increase in digital health users.

Here are some facts about telehealth in the event of a pandemic, according to a survey conducted in the United States:

  • If they had a Covid symptom, 73 percent of respondents went to a telehealth service.
  • Without having symptoms, 12% of them were already using telehealth services.
  • With each passing year, the telemedicine market grows, as shown in the graph below. Globally, it is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

Let’s look at the advantages of the On-Demand Doctor App.

According to surveys, the development of on-demand doctor apps has been a huge success for the industry. The telemedicine industry provides patients and doctors with a variety of benefits. Let’s look at a few of the most notable advantages that have compelled businesses to hire app developers:

Paying Close Attention

When a doctor visits patients in crowded clinics or during rush hours, he is frequently unable to give them the attention they deserve. Patients frequently ignore their health problems due to a lack of attention. This issue of neglected health care is alleviated by on-demand doctor apps, which provide better results. Patients have a faster recovery time and receive better follow-up.

Paperwork is reduced

The development of telemedicine apps allows for the paperless practice of assisting patients. It is one of the most important features of the app, as it provides relief to both the patient and the doctor. In addition, the on-demand app simplifies administration and management.


The development of a doctor appointment app was first and foremost used and promoted by the urban population. It has now expanded to rural areas, allowing people to meet their health needs, visit doctors, place prescriptions, and communicate with their doctors. Rural residents require these apps the most because they have limited access to doctors and better health services. A rural person must travel a long distance to reach the service, which can cause an emergency.

Cost-effective Service

Healthcare is an expensive business. The development of doctor-on-demand apps has reduced the cost of healthcare services and made them more accessible. The entire procedure has become a lot simpler.

Hospitals are less crowded.

Doctor appointment app development services are designed to allow patients to communicate with doctors from the convenience of their own homes. Telemedicine provides assistance to patients, reducing the risk of disrupting their health and emergency needs. It has reduced the number of patients in the hospital while maintaining the high level of service provided to clients.

Increased Investment Return

Because of their high ROI, these on-demand app development solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Doctors can benefit from the apps as well, as they can reduce infrastructure costs and help maintain a high return on investment.

Market Competition

There is competition in every market. The health-care industry is as well. Not all medical organizations provide the same level of service. The development of a doctor appointment app allows you to reach a large market while gaining a competitive advantage.

What is the App’s Function?

The development of a doctor-on-demand app allows for the most convenient access to both online and offline medical services. There is an offline mode where tests and consultations can done at home, as well as an online consultation for patients:

The following is how the app works:

Doctors create profiles and register. They share their years of experience, as well as the cost of an online consultation and their areas of expertise.

The profile is check by a group of experts. This verification is require to avoid the creation of fake profiles. Qualifications and areas of specialization examine.

Patients can create a profile with their email address and keep track of their medical history.

For specific health issues, patients look for the online doctor profile. He can make phone calls, send text messages, and schedule appointments online. Patients can also call the doctor at home using the personal assistance option.

The doctor communicates with the patient via video consultation and inquires about their health concerns. After a thorough discussion, the doctor will recommend a lab test or other related procedures.

The digital prescription is shared via on demand app after the online or telephonic consultation is complete. Patients make payments using the built-in secure payment gateways. Patients have the option of ordering medicine directly from the pharmacy or from the market.