Dong Tien Cave – The Best Grotto in Vietnam

Halong Bay has been included in UNESCO's World heritage site because of its more than 1600 limestone karsts islets and massive islands that emerged from the vast green sea of the Gulf of Tonkin which in turn creates a panoramic view that will be imprinted to your heart and mind.The major islands of the bay are also a dwelling place for magnificent caves that will force mouth to open with amazement while exploring them.

Hong Dong Tien and Its Undying Beauty

Of all the caves that you can explore in Halong Bay, Dong Tien Cave is considered by many tourists to be the most exotic one.Due to the unique geomorphology, geology, amazing rock formations as well as various species that can be found in the grotto, it has been the subject of important ecological research.

At first glance, you might think that the cave is just an ordinary one especially during high tides since the seawater cover one third of the cave's opening.Furthermore, the entrance is very narrow that it will only allow one person at a time to come in. However, don't let these things fool you; because once you get inside, you will be surprised at the superb panorama that is waiting for you there.

Looking up, you will be fascinated with the huge stalactites that are hanging from the grotto's ceiling like crystal chandeliers.

You will also be exhilarated upon seeing the solid rock formations that come in extraordinary shapes and web site sizes that will surely satisfy your watchful eyes. If you adored this short article and you would such as to obtain additional information regarding Tin tức tiền ảo kindly check out our site. According to scientists and researchers, these rock formations are made of CaCO3 that has been chiseled into perfection by the smooth and gentle flow of ground water over centuries and millennia.

The awesome rock formation alone is more than enough reason for you to include this grotto in your Halong Bay tour package.

Due to the existence of stalactites that touches the ground, scientist speculates that there is an existing cave beneath the Dong Tien Cave.This is a theory that is not yet proven and is still a mystery, but in case it is true, Tin tức tiền ảo it will only add up to the incomparable beauty of this cave which will further validate your reasons to check out this place during your Halong Bay tour.

Hong Dong Tien – The Fairy Lake City

At the very bottom of the cave where there are insufficient amount of oxygen, spiders, crickets and different kinds of crustaceans such as crabs are living perfectly fine and Tin tức tiền ảo thinking about how they eat and multiply under harsh conditions is still a mystery.

On the second compartment of the cave, you will find two openings that lead to out to a wonderful lake that surrounds a limestone mountain. The locals simply refer to these lakes as “ponds”. These ponds are actually karst funnels that give water to the ecological life below each time the cave was flooded by the high tide.

Dong Tien Cave is really a wonderful place to visit during your Halong Bay tour. And in case you are planning to have a trip in Vietnam, don't forget to include this grotto in your getaway package.

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