Everything You Need To Know About Initial DEX Offering Platforms

Initial DEX offerings or IDO is a new fundraising method that is better in terms of liquidity of crypto assets; swift, open, and transparent trading. For this reason, Initial DEX offering platforms are getting popular in the crypto community. Those who trade bitcoin or crypto and blockchain enthusiasts are aware of IDO platforms. 

Initial DEX offering platforms (IDO) are an excellent place for new business ventures, crypto, and blockchain-based projects. They can raise funds for business expansion and launch new products without any financial loans from banks and VCs. For crypto enthusiasts looking for investment to launch their own crypto project, then IDO platforms are the best.

With the rising popularity of the initial DEX offering platform, budding entrepreneurs worldwide are investing and launching their own IDO platforms. If you also plan to launch your own initial DEX offering platform and enter the virtual world realm, we at Suffescom Solutions are ready to assist you. Our development team is well versed with the leading blockchain technologies and development tools to turn your idea into success.

Before we learn more about the Initial DEX Offering Platforms, let us brush up on our knowledge and understand what IDO platforms are and how they are becoming an ideal alternative to traditional fundraisings like loans or investments from banks and VCs.

What is an Initial DEX Offering Platform?

For the Finance industry, DeFi, also known as decentralized finance, is one of the most significant achievements of blockchain technology. It brings more transparency to the system and eliminates the intermediaries that complicate and prove a hindrance to the system.

AS THE NAME SUGGESTS, The initial DEX offering platform (IDO) is fundraising that uses smart contracts that run on a decentralized exchange. This fundraising activity is decentralized, giving it an edge over other crowd fundraising methods. Traditional fundraising methods such as ICOs, face a huge challenge as they can’t give surety that listed tokens could be sold. In addition to this, the increasing number of scams added to the failure of ICOs. Scammers can easily create a fake project, list it on ICOs, gather funds from investors, and run away.

What’s The Future Of The Initial DEX Offering Model?

When initial coin offering (ICO), STO, and IEO failed to address the issues related to safe, secure, and transparent fundraising, the Initial DEX offering platforms were introduced. The initial DEX offering platforms are decentralized, thus eliminating the need to get permission to start raising funds. 

IDOs are the future of fundraising for crypto projects worldwide. There is no doubt that a lot of work needs to be done to integrate more control into the existing IDO model. This eliminates the fluctuation in the price of a token until the entire fundraising process comes to an end. The addition of stick KYC regulations provides more control over the entire fundraising activity and how many tokens a buyer can have.

Let us look at some of the major benefits of the Initial DEX offering platforms.

  • The high trading volume of IDOs allows investors to enjoy fast liquidity with a decentralized exchange platform.
  • The decentralized exchange platforms ensure safe and secure transactions of the IDO tokens with integrated security systems.
  • The initial DEX offering platform doesn’t hold user funds and thus eliminates the chances of security breaches.
  • The tokens listed on the IDO platform are immediately available for trading without any waiting period.
  • DEX platforms’ highly interoperable and exchangeable nature enhances users’ overall trade experience.
  • IDOs are community-based platforms, and not a few central authorities decide to list a project.
  • Swapping IDO tokens is easy, and users can gain high liquidity.
  • The IDO tokens can be traded on various decentralized exchanges, and due to the open-source blockchain network, users worldwide can participate.
  • The addition of smart contracts in the systems reduces the gas fees and efficiently manages the liquidity pool.
  • The IDO tokens are integrated with the leading initial DEX offering services to assist in the recent development in the crypto world for business growth.

Differentiating Between IDO vs. ICO vs. IEO: Complete Comparison

Basic DefinitionIn this fundraising method, only a part of the total token supply is sold to the public independently.In this fundraising method, centralized exchange (CEX) platforms are used to sell a part of the total token supply to the public.Decentralized exchange platforms are used to sell a part of the total token supply chain to the public.
Fundraising AuthorityThe issuing authority of the ICOThe centralized exchange (CEX) is used for selling tokens to the publicInitial DEX offering platform or decentralized exchange
After FundraisingThe project reaches out to various exchanges for token listingTokens get automatically listed on a centralized exchange (CEX)Tokens get automatically listed on a centralized exchange (CEX)
Vetting ProcessThese are not vetted, and anyone can issue an ICOBefore listing on CEX, the project goes through a rigorous vetting processAs the project is listed on a decentralized exchange, it needs to be vetted and aligned to platform standards
Availability of TokensInvestors have to wait for an exchange to list a token to make it available.Not available immediatelyInvestors have to wait for the vesting period, or tokens are available immediately
Management of Smart ContractsIssuing ICO manages the smart contractCrypto exchange manages smart contractIssuing IDO and launchpad manage the smart contract
MarketingA significant amount of money is spent on the promotion of ICOCrypto exchange promotes and markets the tokenBoth IDO platform and project are responsible for marketing

Most Popular IDO Launchpads: Crypto IDO Launchpads “

Initial DEX offering (IDO) platforms that support running IDOs is called an IDO launched. The biggest advantage of these decentralized platforms is that they allow users to find new projects and invest in them before going public. Here are some of the most popular initial DEX launchpads, including –

  • Polkastarter: This is an initial DEX offering platform on Polkadot. The platform has more than 200,000 users.
  • Trustpad: This is a fundraising platform that is decentralized in nature and allows different projects to gather funds.
  • Solstarter: First initial DEX offering platform built on Solana blockchain.
  • DuckSTARTER: This is one of the best initial DEX offering platforms that supports Ethereum and Binance smart chain.
  • BSCPad is an IDO platform that solely focuses on the Binance Smart Chain and provides a platform for various BSC companies to start fundraising.
  • PAID Network is one of the best longer-running IDO launchpads with projects from Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.
  • UniLaunch – It offers the best launch services for different projects built on Ethereum, Binance smart chain, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Step By Step Approach To Build An Initial DEX Offering Platform

This section will read about the step-by-step approach to launching your own initial DEX offering platform. If you plan to launch an IDO platform successfully, the first thing you need to learn is how to create a cryptocurrency. After completing this step, you can move forward to the next stages.

  • Ideation – This is the first step towards constructing a decentralized network based on your target audience’s needs and in line with the current technology trends. During this IDO development phase, a creative approach is a must.
  • White Paper is an important document to attract users, investors, and big businesses to your new project. The white paper contains a detailed review of the project or product so that users can make a well-informed decision to reach the next level.
  • Token Launch – Partnering with a trusted blockchain development company like Suffescom Solution to develop and launch your own IDO platform from scratch. With our blockchain and IDO platform development expertise, we help our clients launch a world-class fundraising model.
  • Utility Services – Next step is to boost the token value with the help of utility services. With this, you can increase the market of your tokens and generate higher liquidity for investors.
  • Governance Tokens – These play a vital role in connecting users with the platforms and benefit from growing further.
  • Service – With our robust IDO development services, you can boost the value of investors’ business in the marketplace.

It is important to understand that a decentralized exchange has a vetting process that ensures the authenticity of a crypto project before launching on IDO. This ensures the investors the reliability of the project they are investing in. For this very reason, a proper project plan, whitepaper, and complete project roadmap is a must before launching on an IDO platform.

With an active presence on all social media platforms and the project website with detailed information about the project. You can provide investors with valuable information and build trust among them.

Why Choose Suffescom Solution as your Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Platform?

The initial DEX offering platforms are still relatively new and n their nascent stages. Like any other new concept and technology, they too have issues and challenges that must be unwound without compromising security. However, there is no confusion that the initial DEX platforms will become the most popular fundraising methods based on blockchain technology.

If you, too, are planning to take advantage of the current market trend and launch your own blockchain-based fundraising IDO platform. Then, we at Suffescom Solutions have the right expertise and blockchain developers who are well versed in leading blockchain networks like Ethereum, Solana, Binance, and more. With us by your side, you don’t have to worry about the marketing of your newly built IDO platform as our team has a wide experience in this field. Our team knows all the ins and outs of blockchain technology and uses it to build the best software product for you.

With the rising demand for blockchain-based projects worldwide, investing in fundraising platforms like IDO is the best business idea for quick passive earnings. With fewer intermediaries involved in the lending process, these platforms hold great potential for connecting potential lenders and borrowers at nominal charges and red-tapism. 

So, what are you waiting for?

IDO platforms hold great potential and are seen as the future of fundraising. Now is the right time to invest in initial DEX offering platform development and launch future-proof business solutions. Connect with our tech support team and discuss your initial DEX offering platform requirements today.