Everything you Need to Know About Varicose Veins

We have all seen the commercials about varicose veins treatment in Queens that cure almost anything. But what is the health risk associated with varicose veins? What causes them? And how do you stop them?

Varicose veins are basically harmless in most of the cases, but have the potential to cause throbbing pain. They are caused by blood gathering in the veins instead of fully making its way back to the heart. They can either be red, blue, purple or flesh-colored and are usually visible around your legs and feet.

In the event when you first discover the appearance of such veins, it is recommended to avoid any delays and consult experienced vein doctors in Queens.

Varicose veins are most common in women, affecting 40 to 45 percent of the male population and 50 to 55 percent of the female population.

There are a number of factors contribute to your risk for varicose veins, including:

  • Sun exposure
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Age
  • Medical history

Some risk factors cannot be avoided, but there are some common methods of prevention:

  • Avoid sitting with your legs crossed
  • Don’t sit or stand for long.
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Make sure to get plenty of exercise

And while some people have no symptoms or problems, for others, varicose veins can be really painful. They can also lead to other, more severe health issues such as blood clots and ulcers. Visit a doctor in case:

  • The skin on your ankle/calf is thick and changes color
  • You struggle with daily activities
  • The varicose veins begin to bleed
  • Sores or a rash appear on the leg or ankle

If varicose veins are not serious you can try lessening the look of them with basic lifestyle changes and some conservative varicose veins and spider veins treatment in Queens, for example: exercising daily, avoiding sitting or standing for long. Nevertheless, if the symptoms persist, there are a number of invasive options such as a sclerotherapy procedure that consists of an injection.

All the treatments are effective. To know more about the vein treatment, Contact the experts at Vein Medical Spa.

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