Four Myths of Root Canal Treatment to Watch Out For

Do you feel embarrassed to open your mouth in public due to deep decay, bad crown or a crack in the tooth? Of course, this might have forced you to visit a dentist and get the right treatment. But do myths about root canal treatment have stopped you every time? If so, below mentioned are the four most common myths of root canal treatment that must be busted.

Common Myths

The treatment is painful: First and one of the most common myths that you have often heard about root canal treatment is that it is painful. But the truth is, it is virtually pain-free and in fact, the procedure helps revive you from the pain as it removes the pulp which is the source of pain. Modern era root canal treatment is far more simple and can be performed quickly as compared to the technique used a decade ago. And, it has become possible today due to the advancement in equipment, training, technology, and anesthesia that make the modern root canal treatment painless.

Need to visit the dental clinic again and again: It is quite uncertain to say that you have to run to a dental clinic again and again. It is the condition and the status of the tooth that determine how often you have to visit a dentist. Generally, the procedure requires 1- 3 visits. Moreover, people earlier used to think that it is better to opt for tooth extraction than root canal treatment.

The procedure is not result-oriented: According to the latest survey by the American Association of Endodontists, root canal procedures have shown a 95% success rate, if treated by an experienced endodontist. The better you maintain the oral hygiene of tooth and surrounding gums, the more you can increase the life span of your natural teeth.

Root canal treatment causes illness: Last but not least, you may often find many people believing that root canal procedures have the potential to cause other illnesses in the body. This myth is based on poorly designed and debunked research that took place almost a century ago. According to the research, there is no valid scientific evidence supporting this myth. The root canal treatments are performed to remove bad bacteria from the infected part of the mouth and work to prevent any further infection.

These are some of the myths of root canal treatment that stops people from opting for the treatment. And we hope we have debunked these myths for you so you can choose the right root canal treatment in Long Island for your oral health.

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