Headless WordPress Themes To Grow Your Business instantly

When it comes to business, everything is essential, and we must treat it as such. The truth is that if we are successful in our business, everything else in our lives appears to be going smoothly. Having an internet presence is one of the success factors for any type of business, whether it is a startup or a large multinational corporation, be it a cake shop or a car firm, be it agencies, medium-sized businesses, studios, or any other type of commercial institution.

Headless WordPress themes allow you to quickly and easily develop a full company website.

Why Choose a Professional Headless WordPress Business Theme?

If you are well-known online and your website receives a lot of traffic, your company is poised to grow in terms of sales and profit. Your website should provide your potential consumers with a wealth of useful information. Services you perform, things you sell and dealing with the material are all examples of information that should be shown correctly. More information about your company, the clients you’ve worked with, the people that work with you, your portfolio, and so on.

Because we live in the age of hand-held devices, your website should be responsive and attractive on mobile devices, as many users seem to check out everything on these devices. In addition, if you offer things online, your website should be able to accept online payments.

The best Headless WordPress themes for business websites are as follow:


CorpJam headless WordPress theme might be your friend if you’re looking for one of the greatest business headless WordPress themes for your startup website. It offers all of the features and characteristics that a starting business website should have. Because the corporate business sample is already included, this WordPress theme is also incredibly simple to set up. After that, you may make minimal adjustments and have a fully functional company website in minutes.

This business WordPress theme also has background image choices. From the header background picture alone, you may provide your visitors with a quick overview of your company. This theme also can submit a custom logo. This theme also can submit a custom logo. This may be utilized to draw attention to your company’s trademark among website visitors.

This WordPress theme is also available for translation. As a result, using your website to expand your business across foreign borders will not be an issue. As a consequence, this headless business WordPress theme may assist you in increasing your global prospective clients.


bizberry headless WordPress theme is a completely configurable headless WordPress business theme with a stunning look and plenty of customization possibilities. The theme may be used to construct versatile websites such as corporate, business, agency, portfolio, and blogs. The bizberry business headless wordpress theme is a modern jamstack technology-based prebuilt website template. The bizberry in-house developed headless website builder includes over fantastic custom widgets, each with its unique design and customization possibilities. As a result, even if you don’t know how to code, you can design sophisticated websites by dragging and dropping widgets onto pages, posts, and other widget places.


HRLime is a headless WordPress theme with a lot of features. It’s a completely headless business theme with live page builder support, so you’ll have a lot of options. The SG headless wordpress website builder is a complete Toolkit’ plugin that comes with the theme offers 11+ easy-to-use drag-and-drop widgets. It offers a strong interaction with SiteOrigin’s Page Builder plugin, allowing you to quickly integrate custom widgets, rearrange, and personalize your websites with this theme. As a result, you may construct almost any form of design – this is one theme that offers you a lot of flexibility. It is without a doubt one of the greatest headless WordPress business themes – have a look at the basic demo.


Codos22 headless WordPress theme might be the greatest friend for you if you want to develop a company website with a lot of features and easiness. It’s a WordPress theme that works with in-house developed SG headless page builders. As a result, you may use this theme to construct a variety of professional pages. The theme’s components may also be readily changed to meet your specific requirements. Advanced theme settings are also available with this headless WordPress theme for business. You may customize the colors, fonts, header, and footer to your liking. All of this is possible thanks to the robust theme customizer.


The headless WordPress theme Startfy is the right combination of innovative, artistic, and sophisticated. The design is suitable for any sort of company site, as it follows a simple yet professional approach. Because the design is super-responsive, it performs flawlessly whether you use a laptop, mobile device, desktop, or another device. Instead of beginning from scratch, users can import the fake demo files to gain a head start. When it comes to personalization, the procedure is also simple. It does, however, provide a sophisticated Live Customizer that lets you make whatever changes you want while seeing them in real-time. It also provides unique backdrop settings, including the ability to use color, patterns, photos, and even sliders as a background.

Customer service is also excellent since they give immediate or same-day help as well as speedy solutions. Video lessons are also available to assist newcomers. In a word, Startfy is a terrific solution for any company site since it provides an excellent online experience for both site owners and users.