How Mobile App’s Attributes Can Highly Progress E-Commerce Business?

E-commerce is trending all over the world. It creates a buying and selling process through

the internet and also creates sufficient time to spend on choosing the products. This field

requires a strategy to create the lead. Lead generation is the biggest hurdle in e-commerce.

There are many factors it depends such as UX experience, conversion rate optimization,

content, image quality, services, product quality, and too many. Qualifying these factors will

make the e-commerce site to acquire profit.

And when the UX designer comes into the roll, then the font, color, scrolling, and too many

features must place a moving cadder for an e-commerce website. The above factors that

have mentioned are general factors to be considered but as technology, the requirement for

an e-commerce site to be trend has some adoption of features to market and reach

potential customers and it was mentioned below.

Each factor has depended on many terms. For example, conversion rate optimization is a

technique to call the customers to process the event that you want to create such as

“countdown” in a site, which operates as limited time for the offer. And as content-wise, it

relocates the mind to turn belief or worth of the product.

Internet of Things

The Internet of things is peak technology in the future. It is going to be used as a marketing

tool. Let me convey the technical aspect of IoT. This technology uses electronic devices to

control the system of any devices such as controlling the television, or any home

automation based devices. It uses artificial intelligence to power up the object. And you all

may know that artificial intelligence is one of the important demanding skills. It works under

various streams to maintain and understand the behavior of the human. The same

technique is using in e-commerce by knowing the behavior of their customers by using their

devices moment in means of IoT. It also works to know the customer’s moment when the

device in the offline moment. It follows the algorithm pattern to analyze user behavior.

Most of the apps are getting involved in the technique of IoT. App developers have a great

demand in the future and also for the electronic and network engineers who look forward

to maintaining a healthy perspective towards the device control. Thus the market of the IoT

is going to boom in the field of e-commerce as in terms of the marketing process.


It is a booming technology all around the globe to make the flow of cash easier and secure.

Cryptocurrency is a process of labeling the currency in the encrypted form. It binds the

network using blocks that have been designed in the constructed network to acquire a

secure session. Each session is handled with a user id by the specific user. The user id is

responsible for the privacy constraint. The blocks of the chain are designs with a network

flow responsible for the path in a secure manner. This is said to be blockchain. As many

investors were started to invest in the blockchain. This mechanism clears out the usage of

debit cards, credit cards for e-commerce. Digital wallets are gaining popularity among

consumers. The usage of this technology is also getting raised by the public. It provides

different payment options to the customers who are mostly like to purchase.


It is powered by artificial intelligence. It replaces human customer support utilizing the

artificial robot, helping to interact with customers. This technology manages the time to be

handled by the customer service of the company. The e-commerce companies can make use

of this feature to utilize the time and energy of human work to be reduced. Satisfying

customer needs is always ultimate for e-commerce companies.

Voice Search

Voice search is increasing in the US and UK countries and soon it’s going to take over by the

whole country. Top companies like Amazon, Google, were already working towards this

feature. This built a new solution to enhance customers. As already the Starbucks has

introduced this feature in all their products. Thus many companies were planning to adopt

this feature in the future. It improves the user experience of your mobile app. It attracts

most of the customers towards the optimized apps that worked under the concept of SEO.


Augmented and Virtual Reality

This technology is almost trending in every stream such as education, engineering, gaming,

etc. Now, this is making the e-commerce industry to be utilized. Consider if a person is

buying a product such as an item of furniture and wants to know the interaction between

the hall and the furniture (sofa), thus AR can make the possibility to enhance the design to

be selected without any consideration. It saves time and money too. Many apps are

featuring augmented reality. Most of the top app development companies were working on

this product. There is a demand too. Augmented reality will change e-commerce with a

more interactive session for the customers.

Cloud Integration

Many people were moving towards cloud storage to enhance their space. It is useful not

only by e-commerce but also by mobile apps. It speeds ups the task when the apps are

integrated with the cloud. It reduces the cost of hosting. Faster the app creates a well-

maintained user-experience.


Every technology is meant to help the customers to ease the buyer persona. Thus

implementing technology in e-commerce will direct the user to experience better and

increase the flow of purchasing and dealing with the products. The increasing popularity of

mobile devices will also create an impact on e-commerce. It associates the mobile app

development to build with more strategy for e-commerce. The technology such as artificial

intelligence will hit the e-commerce field with its algorithm, as I mentioned earlier. It follows

the user flow via the apps. I hope the above content might be useful to know the e-

commerce business users. Using the above technologies can make an impact on

eCommerce business.

Author Bio:

Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies

in New York and India, having a team of the top app developers who deliver the best mobile

solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on

leading blogging sites.

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