Impaired vision? Undergo LASIK Surgery to Correct Your Vision Problems!

These days wearing a mask is a way to keep ourselves safe while performing everyday tasks. In some areas, wearing a mask is mandatory during public gatherings and situations where social distancing isn't possible. All these measures are taken to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Wearing a mask isn't easy as it sounds, especially when paired with the glasses. Your glasses don't fit smoothly over the mask, and you have to adjust them continually. While adjusting the glasses, your hands are in contact with your face, increasing the chances of infections. Your glasses keep on fogging, and you have to take it out and clean before wearing.

Why do glasses fog up?

When you breathe, the air escapes the mask, and the glasses fog up. Your warm breath creates vapors that travel towards the edges and lands on your lenses' cooler surface and turn into fog. These issues make you frustrated, and you experience a hard time reading the text messages and viewing the person talking to you in a public setting.

Certain ways can help prevent the glasses from fogging temporarily:

  • Wearing a tighter mask(Breathing would become a hassle)
  • Put soap on your glasses and wait for it to dry.

These solutions can be a short term solution to the fogging problems but can get you into more trouble.

If glasses and contact lenses are impeding your day-to-day activities, it is time for you to get a LASIK in NYC. You will be able to view things around you in a better way. The moment your glasses are taken away, no matter whether you are in a grocery store or supermarket, you can concentrate on things that matter to you.

All you need to do is to confirm your presence at the desired LASIK center in Brooklyn. Restoring the vision to normal will be a matter of 15-20 minutes. Eliminate the hassles of vision impairment and lead a better quality of life.

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