Jim Laganke’s Advice: Why You Should Consider Buying A Franchise!

Jim Laganke’s Advice: Starting a new business isn’t the easiest for anyone looking to branch off on their own and running their own establishment. There are many factors that one must take into consideration. Most businesses have very humble beginnings, even franchises. Stewart’s All American had its modest beginning almost 100 years ago where our well known business started off as a stop that served popcorn and our signature root beer before it expanded to the franchise that our customers have come to know and love.

President of Stewart’s All American, Jim LaGanke understands the struggles that comes to running a business. It is why he believes that opening a franchise doesn’t make you any less of an entrepreneur. You can still have the benefits of being a business owner by opening a franchise, when you choose to align yourself with a franchise like Stewart’s All American you will be provided a structure, and business model that has shown a proven track record of success. There is less risk involved, but still yields a high reward.

In a blog he penned to blog posting website Medium, LaGanke gave some advice to what some of the benefits were to opening a franchise business are. He firmly believes that if you are an aspiring business owner, that buying a franchise could be the ideal option for you. Here are some of his tips that we have gathered here:

Less Risk:  When you decide to buy a franchise, you have an established business or brand that already has a proven successful business model and marketing strategy. It decreases the chances of your business failing, because a franchise rarely will fail.  When you collaborate with an established brand, you can expect:

Proper Training: A franchise will provide any new franchisee with all of the proper training, to ensure that they remain aware of the laws and regulations, sales practices, and all of the latest strategies on running the business

Financial Benefits: When you decide to buy a franchise, a franchisor will often agree to lower the costs for items or products when you contact and use the same suppliers. You will turn a higher profit because when you buy a franchise you are given access to our marketing department and the business infrastructure of Stewart’s All American which when you start a small business you might not have access to starting off.

You Will Work For Yourself:  Even with the franchise’s business model in tact you will still be able to hire and choose your own staff. Finding the right employees for your business will help in the success of your franchise.

Jim Laganke’s wants all future business owners to know, just because you are buying into a franchise it doesn’t mean that running it will be easy. Just like any business it will take a lot of your investment and time, along with a proper marketing plan and strategy. You should be aware of all of the details that goes into the business model in Stewart’s All American or any franchise before choosing to invest into one.

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