Laser Skin Treatments : What are the Types & Advantages

Acne does not spare anyone. Especially when you are in your teens. Relatable, isn’t it?
Remember the time when you were in your early teens and had a face full of break-outs and acne? It is indeed a scary scenario! What’s more scarier are the marks and scars that the acne leave behind on the face that often haunt a person for life. Let’s face it! We’ve all been there.

It might seem like a difficult task to get rid of acne scars and marks. But with the use of advanced technologies such as laser skin treatments, getting more clear and glowing skin can be achieved.

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Acne can happen to anyone, at any age. Our skin has numerous oil glands that get coagulated with oil and dirt, causing skin inflammation. Inflammation occurs in the form of acne, pimples, white heads, and blackheads. With that however comes the problem of constantly scratching and rubbing the inflamed skin repeatedly. This ultimately worsens the situation and leads to skin damage.

But thanks to advancements in technology, you can now get rid of the scars and marks that acne leaves behind effectively.

Listed below are the different types of laser skin treatments and education available in Manhattan:

Fractional laser treatments: This is one of the best laser treatments available for effectively treating acne scars. The fractional laser treatment is designed to work on the scarred area of the skin and make it blemish free. The laser goes deep into the layers of the skin, and is ideal for scars that are big in shape as well as size. Since the area to be treated is smaller, the recovery time involved is lessened as well.

Fraxel laser treatments: Fraxel laser treatments are one of the most modern methods of treating acne scars. Under this type of treatment, the skin tissue is heated, clearing the skin off any marks and spots. It is a very mild treatment suitable for almost all skin types. The recovery time is generally 3-5 days. But you might require multiple sessions.

Carbon Dioxide laser treatments: The Carbon Dioxide laser treatment is an ablative form of treatment. In this method, the damaged tissue layers are vaporized and melted layer by layer. Tiny holes are pricked into the skin for this purpose. The holes are very small and are made with the help of the laser light energy. Since no needle is used, the procedure is painless. The recovery period can last between 6-7 days. The procedure can be completed in a single session.

Active and deep FX: Active FX laser treatments are ideal for getting rid of scars that are smaller in size and shape. Deep FX laser treatments are ideal for getting rid of deep and stubborn scar marks.

Advantages of Laser skin treatments & education:
The advantages of undergoing laser treatments are as follows:

  • They are minimally invasive
  • The recovery period is short
  • They are a relatively safe procedure
  • They require minimal after care
  • They come with no harmful reactions
  • They are a cost-effective procedure

It is important to note that although laser treatments are safe, it is essential to know that it might not be suitable for every skin type. In case you are suffering from any skin disease such as psoriasis, eczema, or sensitive skin, make sure you consult your doctor and then proceed.

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