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Major Contributions_Of_An_Israel-Based Architect to Manhattan’s Skyline

Ramy Issac is a well-renowned and open-minded architect in Manhattan whose work is inspired by art, modern living, and timeless design concepts. Ramy Issac’s work has inspired millions of people around the world, gaining him worldwide popularity. His projects place value on functionality, aesthetics, and are refined with attention to detail and furnishings, and extreme care.

Ramy Issac also established his own architecture firm in Manhattan, Issac & Stern Architects in 1988, which is based on functional, decorative, and timeless architectural principles. Ramy Issac and his team of friendly and talented architects have spent more than three decades refining these principles in their commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects. While grounded in these functional and decorative architectural designs, Issac & Stern Architects’ versatile portfolio ranges from traditional to modern, including staggered double-height windows-inflected 19-Story Condominium Building in Manhattan, 124-foot-tall, steel-based structure development in Greenwich Village, to name just a few.

The staff at Issac & Stern Architects, Ramy Issac’s architect firm in Manhattan, customizes each project they take on to the unique tastes and requirements of each client. Blending conventional ideals with interior design and landscape, the architects beautifully integrate modern technology into comfortable environments. Ramy Issac has worked with a diverse clientele over the past 30 years and managed to make significant contributions to New York’s skyline.

Ramy Issac’s artful excellence in architecture can be seen in projects across New York. He has worked on projects in New York City, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Chelsea, and other New York locations. He is not only recognized for his architectural designs but also as a well-known artist who has won many accolades for his paintings. Ramy Issac’s passion for art and timeless designs is reflected clearly in his architectural designs and projects.

Check out Issac & Stern Architect’s portfolio to learn more about Ramy Issac’s completed projects in Manhattan.

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