What Quality of Education Offered by Southeast University of China

     1. Excellent Quality of Education

The quality of education provided in a research university is of excellent level and the Southeast University (SEU) of China is among those top research universities of China which have been providing excellent quality education to the students for many years.

     2. Southeast University recognized by WHO and MCI

Southeast University (SEU) is one of the most influential universities in the field of medical science not just in China but also all over the world with the name of the university mentioned in World Directory of Medical Schools by World Health Organization (WHO) and also recognized by many world medical bodies such as Medical Council of India (MCI).

    3. Duration of the MBBS Course

In the University, the duration of the MBBS course is for a total of 6 years and out of that duration, 1 year is devoted towards the internship.

    4. Experienced Faculties

The experienced faculties of the university consist of teachers from many foreign countries who have got several years of teaching experience in their respective fields.

    5.  Curriculum According to the Guidelines of MCI

As Southeast University (SEU) is approved and recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the university follows the curriculum according to the guidelines of MCI (Medical Council of India) which is a great factor for Indian students as it helps them in clearing the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test in the first attempt after completion of their course.

   6.  Student Teach Ratio is Very Healthy

The university focuses on keeping the student teach ratio very healthy to give the students an excellent atmosphere to study so that the teachers can give individual attention to the students.

   7.  Latest Amenities Available

The university has state of the art infrastructure facilities with the latest amenities available for the students.

   8.  Study MBBS in China

These features in many universities in China make students wish to study MBBS in China even more.

    9. Apply for Admission

Students from many countries such as India, China, Nepal, Pakistan, South Africa, Middle East, and many others apply for admission at the Southeast University (SEU) annually.

   10. University Consists of Several Departments

The university consists of several departments such as anatomy, pharmacy, general medicine, etc and each department have dedicated staff and faculty members who are assigned to these departments.

   11. Opportunity to Internship at Top Hospitals

The University has affiliations with several hospitals that are established locally and the students can choose to do their internship in any of these hospitals.

  12.  Top Class Facilities and Amenities in Hospitals

All the hospitals which are affiliated with the university are equipped with all the necessary facilities and amenities with the services of some of the most experienced doctors in the region.

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    13. Big and Spacious Classrooms at University

The university is based in a beautiful area and has all the facilities deemed necessary for a renowned educational institution such as big and spacious classrooms with projector facilities, conference rooms, lecture halls, etc.

   14. Vast Laboratories

The laboratories of the SEU (Southeast University) are dedicated to each department so that the students do not have to wait if another session or class is going on.

   15. Qualified Professionals and Trained Physicians

The main objective of the SEU (Southeast University) is to produce qualified professionals and trained physicians to provide top quality medical services to the world.

      16. Opportunity to Learn Chinese Language

The university teaches the students the basic Chinese language course to make them familiar with the language as it is helpful for them for the duration of their stay in the country.

     17. Multi Cultural and Multi Ethnic Environment

The university has a mix of students coming from different countries and is known for its multi cultural and multi ethnic environment.


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