Ramy Issac Design, Comfy Condos at East Village are Up for Possession

Ramy Issac, the president at Stern & Issac, is a well-renowned architect in New York. He and his team of talented architects take pride in designing some of the most popular buildings in and around NYC. They have designed a wide variety of building projects, such as residential, commercial and multi-purpose buildings. As a child, Ramy spent most of his time surrounded by Art in “the artist colony.” When living in this colony, Ramy developed an interest in painting and drawing, which later inspired him to become an architect. In fact, today he is recognized among the best architects in NYC.

Let me introduce you to another stunning project done by Ramy Issac and his team.

According to YIMBY, the permits for stately boutique condo apartment building designed by Stern & Issac were refiled in April 2017 by BSD Realty. The comfy condominium building located at 243 East 7th Street between C and D avenues in the East Village is ready for possession. This breathtaking six-story gray brick building is built at the site that was previously taken by the four-story, salmon-colored townhouse.

The six-story condo building is constructed with metal-framed windows and is influenced by the pre-war buildings of the neighborhood. The structure covers a residential space of 10,466 square feet. It has six units and most units have their own floors, such as penthouse on the sixth floor.

When it comes to appearance, the building is contextual. As mentioned already, the six-story condos are designed to fit well with the neighborhood’s pre-war buildings. The top four floors display large corner windows, hence, tenants can take advantage of adjacent green space.

The building has been completed and is set up for sale. If you’re interested in taking possession in this boutique condo apartment, hurry up before it’s too late. 

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