Should You Invest in a Custom Made Engagement Ring?

So you are all set to pop the question. Congratulations! 

Whether you are high school sweethearts, met online, or through a mutual friend, you finally found true love - and it’s high time to make the commitment. But popping that big question is easier said than done (hello, shopping for an engagement ring and figuring out what to say). When it comes to getting on one knee and proposing, you need to make sure you are well-prepared. After all, it’s a long-awaited moment and you wouldn’t want anything on this earth to ruin it. And to start off, you need an engagement ring that speaks for itself. 

Well, you are no Nick Jonas who could get the Tiffany store closed for a day to find that perfect ring. But there are ways to make this joyous moment extra special. Of course, you can walk in a jewelry store and buy a popular Asscher-cut halo ring. But what if you could buy a custom-made halo ring?

It’s definitely a romantic idea - getting the ring designed especially for your partner according to your vision and idea - but is it going to be over-priced? Well, it actually depends on your idea of a custom ring design.

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To understand whether you can afford a custom made halo ring, there are a few things to consider. 

  • Be practical when buying an engagement ring 

Yes, of course, it’s a romantic gesture to buy a custom made halo ring for your partner. But you need to know if it fits your budget including the whole kit and caboodle. It’s highly recommended to follow an approach that’s based on your financial analysis. You cannot break the bank just to transform the dream into reality. 

  • It’s all about the center stone

Diamonds are women’s best friends. You can’t expect to give them any jewelry that’s without any diamond. Be it custom made halo pendant or an engagement ring, it’s gotta have a diamond. And when it comes to a halo engagement ring, the type of center stone you choose determines the overall design of the ring. Apart from a halo ring, you can also consider an Asscher cut diamond ring. Asscher cut diamonds, also known as step cut diamonds, are the combination of the emerald cut and princesses cut diamonds. They feature X-shaped facets, which starts from the corner to the center culet. 

The options for a custom made ring are plentiful. However, it all depends on your vision and budget. So make sure you make a smart purchase. 

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