Take Business Efficiency to the Next Level With Video Call API

As per research, the video conferencing market is projected to hit $13.28 billion by 2023. Most businesses are planning to integrate a video chat application into their communication model. If you’ve been planning to do the same, we recommend leveraging an efficient video call API. In this blog, we shall discuss all crucial nuances around video chat as a service and how it levels up business productivity and efficiency. Stay with us and read on. 

Meaning of API 

Before we talk about video call API, let us understand what API means in general. Well, API stands for Application Programming Interface. It can be described as a software intermediary that enables two applications to interact with each other. 

Think of it as a set of definitions and protocols for developing and integrating an application software. 

Ways to Leverage a Video Call API to Optimize Efficiency

Building a video chat application from scratch may consume a lot of time, cost, and additional resources. Here is exactly where a video call API comes in! 

In simple words, video chat APIs can be described as a category of APIs that are specifically designed to stream, create, deliver, and store videos. Video API can also be referred to as the building block of any well-functioning one-to-one or group video call app. 

Use Cases of Video Chat API 

With an advanced video API, you can easily incorporate all the essential video functionalities into your communication system. If we look at the use cases of any video calling API, it will cover quite a few industries. Let’s have a quick look at some of the top ones: 

  • Education

Video calling APIs can be leveraged by educational entities to create real-time learning experiences via virtual classrooms, live online seminars, online coaching, and much more. 

  • Healthcare 

Voice and video calls API, you can build advanced video functionalities that make way for real-time medical consultations, health report sharing, and many more. 

  • Media & Entertainment 

Live video call API can also be utilized by media and entertainment brands to support live broadcasting, real-time customer support and engagement, and much more. 

  • Finance 

Video chat application API can benefit the finance sector too! It enables financial institutions to integrate video calling into their communication system to encourage one-on-one or multiple customer connections. 

  • Gaming 

Video call APIs to have the potential to supercharge the gaming industry. It enables you to create live group video chat sessions, thereby, supporting streamlined online gaming experiences. Some of the best video functionalities that can be leveraged by gaming brands via video APIs are live broadcasting, video conferencing, multi-platform compatibility, and several others. 

Top Advantages of Video Call APIs

Facilitating quick development of live video and voice chat functionalities

Developing voice and video functionalities from the scratch can prove to be a costly affair. Moreover, it would also require a long period of time. But thanks to video chat application APIs, you don’t need to wait for months for your development team to create a video app. 

Advanced video APIs help you set up video features within a few minutes. The best part is that you don’t require any technical knowledge to implement the video functionalities into your system. This way, you can also save additional expenses incurred on hiring an in-house team of technical professionals. 

Making hyper-personalized connections with customers

Video calling with customers helps establish a greater understanding of consumer expectations and queries. With video chats, consumers can easily convey their concerns to brands. HD voice and video calling enable businesses to connect with customers in real-time and deliver responses right at the moment when clients need them the most. Did you know 93% of consumers find videos helpful for post-purchase instructions as well?

There’s no denying that video is impacting all aspects of customer engagement. With video calling, you can conduct more context-based interactions with customers, thereby, clearing the way for hyper-personalized relations. 

Creating entirely seamless experiences 

One of the best parts about any video chat API is its compatibility with various platforms. Most advanced APIs allow you to implement video functionalities across Android, iOS, webpage, and various other platforms. This, in turn, enables you to build a consistent experience for all your customers. Gone are the days when customers had to download special software to leverage video features on their preferred platform. An advanced video call API facilitates real-time video chat in browsers, Android, iOS, and other platforms. 

Wrapping up 

We hope our blog helped you gain a fair understanding of the importance of an Android, iOS, and browser-based video chat API. So, what are you waiting for? Implement a video call API into your communication system and climb up the ladder of customer engagement. Happy interactions to you! 


Kenny Roy is a Digital Marketer by choice & profession. She munches on topics relating to Technology, E-Commerce, Enterprise Mobility etc