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The Best Oster Blender Reviews In 2021 | Get Affordable Blender’s

Best oster blender offers robust blending power, innovative features, multi-functionality, simpler operation, manual and automation control, and more. Surprisingly, they are high-end products at a low-end price,s and to avail them, you need not break your bank.

Do you want to make smoothies faster? Want the accurate texture in the blend? Want to blend free of guesswork? Do you think multi-speed blending machines are more convenient? Above all, you must collect the most versatile blender. If the answers to all the questions are yes, go for any Oster blender unit.

So far, durability is concerned; you will meet Duralast All-metal drive units in most of the Oster blender reviews. We can lengthen the list of wonderful Oster blender features but you better check those yourself.

Best Oster Blender Reviews and Buying

Buying Guide: What are the Crucial Pre-purchase Considerations?

Yes, it is different from buying a blender from one of a specific brand. Particularly, you must be aware of all the features and advanced designs that the brand offers. In this case, the comparison should be among the numerous units of the same brand. Let’s see what more we should count on except the 10 Oster blender reviews.

Automation/Pre-Programmed Settings

This is an advanced technological feature that lets you have your preferred blend easier and faster. They will cut down much of your labor and time and add to your fun by adding delicious recipes. However, they are pricier than other Oster units.

Weight & Dimensions

These features matter for your convenience and counter space. If you want a portable blender, you must go for the lightweight blender units. As for dimensions, compare the size of the blender machine to the countertop space available in your kitchen.

Motor Power

The more the motor, the better and faster the yield is. You can not tough nuts and seeds, ice, and frozen fruits without a powerful motor. As for power, around 1100-1200 w will suffice to cover all types of blending, pulverizing, and processing. But if you have more, you must be merrier.

Multi-Speed Level & Pulse Feature

A blender featured with multiple speed settings makes your job far easier as you can select. The speed level matches your ingredients and the types of the blend. For example, you need different blending speeds for smoothies, dips, and salsas. Above all, the pulse mechanism will half-do your cleaning as it easily dislodges the stuck ingredients.

Blade Design & Material

Blades material for a blender cannot but be premium metal and all the Oster blenders abide by that. It is the design that makes the difference. In this case, the units offer crushes pro 4-point. And 6-point blades not to leave any chunk in the final blend.


When you consider a blender pitcher, you have two crucial lookouts that include pitcher material and capacity. It needs no telling that a personal blender can do with minimal jar capacity. While the one meant for a family must have a large capacity.

As for material, you must go for non-toxic BPA-free plastic to keep everybody and the environment safe.


Multi-function blenders are a trend now as they allow you to heat soups, make juice, and prepare baby food. And they come with additional cups to take with you on the go. An Oster blender with a food processor included is the call of your kitchen.

Ease Of Cleaning

Whatever design the blender is featured with. You must go for the units made of dishwasher-safe body parts. No one will love to make his hand dirty in the morning.

Warranty & Price

Blenders are meant to be broken or go defunct. But the quality blender serves you as advertised before the final fall. That is where warranty plays a crucial role as the best quality. And most admired machines can become victims of malfunctions if not defunct.

And the price is what you want to get a return on the investment. But no Oster blender will dig too deep into your wallet. And all the blenders reviewed here have their best side and they are affordable.


What Is The Strong Point Of Oster Blender Machines?

Answer: That they are made in North America. And backed by Duralst All-metal Drive is the strong point here. They are superior in quality because the two pieces that connect are metal. The plastic ones of the average blenders.

Are Oster Blenders Dishwasher Safe?

Answer: Most Oster blender machines are dishwasher safe. And the units reviewed here can be put in the dishwasher. There are a few Oster blenders that have some not-dishwasher-safe parts.

Is Oster Blender Best For Beginner?

Answer: If you are just a smoothie lover, you can start with an Oster blender machine as they are easy to operate and inexpensive. The best option in this context would be the Oster Reverse Crush blender.

Can You Prepare Juice In The Oster Blenders?

Answer: Yes, you can but the juice here will retain fruits chunk. Unlike a juicer machine, it cannot separate the pulp. The juice and fiber of fruits and vegetables will be in the yield.

How Durable Is An Oster Blender?

Answer: This is not something to predict about any blender but the best Oster blender can last up to ten years. Moreover, if it serves longer and any body part disturbs, you can have replacement parts from the company. Not to ignore, the more care you will take, the more durable it be.

Our Verdict On Oster Blenders

It will pose a tough dilemma when you are to single out the top picks from the Oster blenders. It is because the chance is pretty slim that you go wrong with any blender of this brand. That said, the units that best serve your need. And do not cross the buying ability is the top pick for you.

If you are a beginner and do not want to break the bank. Oster Reverse Crush is your cup of tea as it is inexpensive but operates superbly.

When you need more than the basic, you can do with Oster BLSTBC4129 with a little more amount.

But our favorite unit is the Oster BLSTVB-104-000 Versa Pro that comes with both basic and innovative features.

You can go to any of the said three and pick one from the 10 units. And without a shred of doubt, any Oster blender covered here will prove to be the best Oster blender.