Top 20 dApp Development Companies

dApp - Decentralized applications are the best invention ever made that connected the world to blockchain technology. Earlier, users were connected to the databases; however, decentralized applications let people enter into the future generation technology “Blockchain,” where information is shared on every node.

dApp is defined as an application built on a decentralized network. It uses smart contracts that ensure safe and secured transactions, zero downtime, no central entity, much-needed privacy, data integrity, etc. With such humongous benefits of the decentralized app, every business wishes to get transformed to blockchain. 

To convert the dream of entrepreneurs into reality, many dApp development companies are emerging with their impeccable services and deepest knowledge about all the tech stacks involved in decenralization. 

In this blog, you will find the top 20 dApp development companies leaving no stone unturned in delivering top-notch client services.

Top 20 dApp development companies

  • Suffescom Solutions- 

One of the best dApp development companies recognized all around the world. Do you know why they are the best? Their top-notch developers, high-level expertise in providing dApp development services, and 24/7 support are some of the positive points that you can consider. They follow a flexible strategy to develop decentralized apps. They employ more than 500 employees with thorough knowledge of the latest technology. Suffescom has offices in USA and India. The company has also been awarded as the emerging blockchain & web3 development company at “Business & Entrepreneurs - Felicitation Ceremony2022” by the Hindustan Times. You can also check their testimonials and view Google reviews.

The next on the list is a USA-based Rising Max. It is a well-renowned dApp development company with 100+ skillful developers. Their business consultants listen to your business requirements and give you the best possible suggestions beneficial for your business. They served 150+ satisfied clients from all over the world. The company is adept at providing services involving technologies like IoT, cloud services, VR & AI, dApp services, Blockchain, smart contracts, etc. They utilize the latest tools and technologies to provide impeccable services and successfully employ the right talent to cater to your requirements. They hand over the projects to the clients before the deadline.

It is a blockchain development firm that has a 95% success rate for the blockchain-based solutions it has launched for its clients. They worked for several well-known companies. The company is led by talented managers and coordinators who ensure high-quality results. Most businesses partner with this company because of the high quality and affordable packages they provide. Above all, they keep everything transparent, whether it's the cost or the achievement of milestones. When clients require it, the company provides 360-degree solutions and technical support.

  • Best Web3 Development

This company is listed on the third number in the list of best dApp development companies. It was established in 2013, and since then, it is leaving no stone unturned in providing solutions and services to clients. The company is a global service provider in blockchain and dApp solutions. They provide top-notch solutions to big brands. It also provides no-cost business consulting services to startups and emerging businesses. The company aims to maintain transparency throughout the development process.

  • Best Blockchian Devs

The US-based company has 9+ years of experience in decentralized web and app development. Till now, they served clients all over the world, including the USA, UK, Australia, etc. The company utilizes updated technological methods to develop robust and scalable dApps. Their highly skilled team provides top-quality products with high security and reliability. They thoroughly understand clients' requirements and deliver the promised work on time. They have a good hold over blockchain and decentralization, so numerous clients choose them over others. Look at their testimonials and reviews over diverse platforms posted by their previous clients.

  • IBM

IBM is an esteemed agency in blockchain and dApp development. The company has a sixth sense that helps them select the right tools and technologies to build dApps for different sectors and industries. They provide the best customized development services that are reliable, secure, and transparent as per their client's requirements. Their team of developers never stays glued to the previous information; instead, they expand their horizons with emerging technologies. The company has approximate manpower of 10000+ with offices based in the USA. The company has been given many positive feedbacks from its top clients.

  • TCS

Another top-notch company that provides the best-decentralized applications development is TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). With its eminent developers, the company gained the front seat in offering amazing development services to numerous clients. They use cutting-edge technology and leverage the right expertise for building decentralized projects. You can easily interrogate the company from its testimonials and by reading reviews from websites such as Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. The team ensures highly secured solutions, long-term profitability, and sustainability.

  • Cyberium

The company named, Cyberium employ best-in-class blockchain professionals that help startups and medium to large-scale businesses to widen their horizon by entering into the blockchain. They work in a way to make your strong presence in the dApp business. The company has high-tech skilled developers who stay up-to-date with the upcoming technology trends. They have a record of providing on-time services in AI and virtual assistance, dApp, DeFi applications, 3D technology, etc.

  • Delloite

Delloite is a prominent name in the IT sector. It is recognized as the best firm to provide dApp development services. The company utilizes the latest tech stack for reshaping the client's enterprise. The company provides 24/7 support to businesses entering into blockchain and focusing on decentralized app development. Clients soon derive a huge customer base with continuous support by transforming legacy systems into trendy blockchain methods. Visit their website to learn more about services and professional development services.

  • Unicsoft

If you are looking for the most entrusted dApp development company, Unisoft comes forward. They have relative experience and catered to numerous clients so far worldwide. With this company, you can take your business to the next level. The company majorly served clients from nations like the USA, UK, etc. All the clients left amazing feedback for the company making it easier for you to select the company and its services.  Their dedication and commitment to their work make them satisfied.

  • DevelopCoins

Developcoins is a company that made an impression in providing impeccable decentralized app development services. They offer full-cycle support to clients throughout the development process.  The company deals with blockchain development, machine learning, AI and VR, 3D technologies, web development services, etc. They have been delivering services for the past 10 years without any sign of client dissatisfaction. Moreover, you can review the feedback provided by the clients about the company on various websites.

  • Bitdeal

Bitdeal uses its extensive research, design, and result-driven approach to help corps worldwide shift from old technology platforms to blockchain-based dApp systems. The company is responsible for building your dApp and integrating it with your present business. Along with this, the company maintains transparency throughout the development process. The team at bitdeal carries years of experience in providing blockchain-based solutions to clients worldwide. You can cross-check the company’s details and see their testimonials to understand their quality work better.

  • Mckinsey & Company

Mckinsey is a well-known decentralized liquidity platform that was founded in 2014. Based in the United States, the company aims to convert traditional businesses into blockchain-based ones, allowing asset borrowing and deposit incentive earnings. With the assistance of an experienced dApp development company, the businesses can become a part of a billion-dollar business. The company offers transparent and secure solutions at the most competitive prices. They also offer blockchain and DeFi development expertise for your decentralized finance projects. Code-driven Smart Contracts power the company's DeFi engagements.

  • AcktaryTech

AcktaryTech is a development company based in the United States that provides clients with high-quality development services by prioritizing the needs of the clients during the development stage. They offer the best dApp solutions to their clients by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and tools. The latest technology trends of Acktary Tech benefit every business, from startup to enterprise level. Their scalable solutions and first-rate service meet the needs of their clients. They produce the best software solutions due to their comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, fintech skills, and flexible development strategy.

  • MarketAcross

MarketAcross is one of the best dApp development companies that provide ultimate decentralized solutions to their clients. They are a  team of more than 500 + employees with expertise in creating reliable platforms at affordable prices. This company offers cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AR/VR, blockchain development, metaverse, etc. They are the global leaders in executing every possible dApp development solution with effective transparency and security.

  • Block Cypher

The company is the global leader in blockchain development services, with extensive experience in dApp. The company creates cutting-edge products based on blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, and other cutting-edge technologies such as AI, VR, 3D IoT, and other advanced technologies in high demand. The firm has now delivered 50 blockchain-based products. The company assists businesses in reforming their revenue models and reaching a larger customer base. The development teams regularly receive training for new technologies to understand their scope and potential.

  • Upper Thrust Technologies

Upper Thrust Technologies responds quickly to emerging technologies because they are evolving rapidly. The firm understands how to keep up with today's technological trends. With extensive IT industry experience, the company prioritizes what its clients want and how they want to proceed with the ideas. The company's professionals strive to go a long way in the market and attract the most enticing opportunities. Many clients from all over the world are compelled to work with them after viewing their portfolios. They have completed over 50 projects based on all new trends, such as metaverse, blockchain, dApp, and NFT.

  • OpenXcell

The company, founded in 2009, is headquartered in the United States and provides dependable software development services to both startups and established businesses. With years of experience, the company has developed expertise in blockchain development, dApp development, and IT consulting services. The organization has partnered with the best talent in the market to help the company reach new heights of success. To date, the company has collaborated with world-class organizations all over the world. The company provides top-tier end-to-end services at the most competitive prices.

  • Osiz Technologies Pvt Ltd

Osiz Technologies Pvt Ltd is a blockchain solutions provider that assists businesses. The company has over 14 years of experience and 2000+ satisfied clients. They serve a wide range of clients from a variety of industries. They bring ideas to life by creating industry-standard solutions for companies ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations. They provide open, permissionless, and highly interoperable decentralized apps built on public smart contract platforms. They offer specialized blockchain solutions and AI services to assist businesses in improving their security and privacy.

  • Levin Riegner

LevinRiegner is an advanced and highly reputable decentralized application development company. This company has achieved 100% a positive record of delivering what the client demands. They are well known for developing customer-centric products with proper teamwork. This company provides fantastic technical assistance to their clients to solve their queries. This company has a good reputation for garnering positive reviews on various forums. They are proliferating and will be on the top in the upcoming years.


All the above-listed firms are well known for providing excellent dApp development services. They all use the latest tech stack to build robust platforms for businesses. If you are also looking to develop a decentralized application, you can consider all the above companies with a major focus on the first 5 companies as these are highly sought-after for delivering the best services to their clients.