Top 4 Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Caterer

When making arrangements for your big day, appointing Indian catering services might not even hit your mind on the first go!

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But, honestly, it is one of the most important decisions that you must take and should top your To-Do list. There’s so much to do! Choose the reception venue, finalize the dishes, the total number of plates, or whether it will be an all ala-carte menu or a buffet? The list just never ends. What can you do to simplify the steps and make it a reception that your guests remember for the years to come? The best solution to this problem is to appoint a wedding caterer. 

Wedding caterers excel at providing various amenities such as catering services sweet sixteen, Indian private parties, and much more. So have a fair idea of making all the arrangements and making your celebration a hit! But there are certain things that you must ask your wedding caterer before appointing them.

Below mentioned are the top 5 questions that you must ask your Indian catering services.

  • Is there any electricity available for catering purposes? 

The catering service that you hire will require a strong electricity supply to make sure that the food is kept at appropriate temperatures. You obviously do not want to serve your guests with cold food and make a bad impression. In case you select a venue that does not have a power supply, ask your caterer about the arrangements that they will do in order to cook food. They might use generators and other power sources to do the needful.

  • Is the water usable? 

Just like electricity, the wedding caterer will require water resources to cook food and also quench the guests' thirst. Not just that, water will be required to wash the utensils and serve food to guests in clean utensils. If the venue does not have enough water resources, enquire with the caterer about the arrangements that they will make so water is available 24*7 at the venue.

  • What are the setup arrangements?

This is not a necessity, but a catering company generally requires a workstation that they set up to prepare food and keep the raw materials. The setup space will depend on the number of items on the menu and the number of guests that are invited at the event. Ask the wedding caterer about the setup arrangements so you know that appropriate measures are being taken to host the event.

  • What are the disposing facilities?

It is not a necessity that the venue you choose will always have dumpsters and necessary arrangements. If not, ask your caterer to make necessary arrangements for dumping the disposables without littering the venue. The caterer might charge some extra amount, so make sure you enquire about the same.
Ask these questions to the wedding caterer and make your event a hit! Also, it will help you stay informed about the pace of the arrangements.