Top 5 Best Facebook Hacks to Show Off Your Geeky Skills

Facebook has transformed into a platform to showcase skills and talents rather than serving as just a medium to connect people. Following the trend, here are some tricks that will make you stand out as a geeky and witty person among your peers.  

 1.Using the Friend Tracker: 

No more trouble was saying a no! Get a heads up and decide whether to ping them up or switch off your phones with this feature called Friend Tracker. It helps you know when one of your Facebook friends is in your neighborhood or anywhere nearby.  

This feature does take away some points in terms of privacy but could be a great savior. For this feature to work, your friend on Facebook and you both should have location enabled on the app. Location-sharing is selective. That is, you have full control over whom you want to share the location with. 

Facebook does not require manually updating your location every time you travel. Instead, the GPS keeps automatically updating your location and notifying your friends, whom you've chosen to share the location mutually.

2. Doing Specific Searches: 

Reduce your search time with this extremely efficient search algorithm that Facebook uses. In addition, you can now mention specific keywords in your search tab that will help Facebook narrow down its search sample and save your time and energy. 

By specific keywords I meant: 

-posts likes by <enter name> 

-posts commented on by <enter name> 

-places visited by <enter name> 

-pages followed/liked by <enter name> 

 The algorithm used earlier was called Graph Search, wherein you could gather information in two ways, in-depth manner and breadth manner, or you can also know who opens your Facebook profile. This made it very simple to get information about absolutely anything or anyone. 

 Upon restructuring its privacy policies, Facebook scrapped the graph feature. So instead, we have an alternative solution that makes you access the information you genuinely need using custom websites. It has been called The Facebook Graph Search 2020.  

3. Schedule Your Posts: 

Caught up in a busy schedule? Traveling? Or need to take a social media break without losing the reach and traction? 

 This feature by Facebook offers a comfortable way of organizing and planning your timeline. You can schedule your posts way in advance and not have to worry about dedicating time to them daily. The algorithm that Facebook uses to achieve this is called IFTTT. 

 IFTTT stands for "if this, then that." It helps you connect all of your apps and devices and enables them to work together to do specific things, as per the preset schedule, which would otherwise not be possible. 

Facebook gives you the flexibility to even post a status update using SMS or email to keep your audience engaged. A picture can also be uploaded using the registered email id, without using the app or web version. But all these can be avoided using the IFTTT option, and you can save time, plan better and take longer breaks. 

4. Ctrl + Alt + Down aka Flip Your Screen: 

Want everybody asking you how you did that cool trick? Want your content to stand out on your friends' feed rather than camouflaging with the rest? Facing a camera issue while going live on Facebook? 

 A quick and witty solution would be to find hacks that make your update look unusual and instantly catch the eye. One such hack is to make your content upside down. you can achieve this in many ways: 

-While you use your device/PC to show something to your friends, use the command Ctrl + Alt + Down to rotate your screen upside down.  

 -While writing some content for the status update, go to the language settings of Facebook and change the language to English (Upside down), and there you go! 

Ready to post unique content that makes you look cool and geeky. 

If you are uncomfortable with the mirrored front camera during a Facebook live, you'll find a screwdriver and span icon in the bottom right corner. When clicked, it will bring up the options for flipping the screen. The option you need is "Horizontal Flip." No more weird videos! 

5. Play Basketball while still on your Couch: 

Time to add an extra game to the list after offline Google Dino-Jump. This time it is the Facebook Messenger basketball game. Once you've made sure that your Messenger app is up to date, send a basketball emoji to either one of your friends or in a group chat. When you then tap the emoji, the secret basketball game will automatically launch for you to compete and play. 

This less-known feature has picked up popularity in pandemic times as we look for online games to play with your squad. Time to try it out and have some fun while lazy-ing on your Couch.