Types Of Dental Diseases And Prevention Tips

Does biting into something cold send jitters down your spine? Does even the thought of this makes you squint your face? Then you are surely acquainted with the feeling of having sensitive teeth or any other dental disease.

We often ignore the fact that even our teeth can develop some serious diseases just like the rest of our body parts. Thus, it’s crucial to practice oral health care and prevent those pearly whites from getting damaged. Ignoring regular maintenance of your pearly whites will expose you to a long-list of dental problems.

Dental diseases can pose a plethora of problems in the long run. It is thus important to practice oral hygiene on a regular basis to prevent your teeth from getting damaged. 

Below is a list of the common types of dental diseases and their preventive tips.

Gum Diseases (Periodontics) 

Periodontal diseases, commonly known as gum disease, affects your gums as well as the teeth of an individual. The gum diseases target the area around the teeth. This is the most common reason behind tooth loss amongst a majority of individuals. 

Gum disease can also indicate an underlying heart disease. It is thus recommended to consult a dentist after every few months for preventive care. 

Additionally, gum diseases can be a result of smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, caffeinated drinks, and sweets.

Gum Diseases Symptoms:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Pain while chewing
  • Redness in the gums
  • Swelling in the gums

Preventive tip: The most common forms of periodontal problems is gingivitis. Make sure you consult your dentist if you experience any symptoms related to gum problems.

Bad/Foul Breath

Bad breath might not always be because of a serious dental problem. Sometimes, not drinking enough water could cause bad breath. But you should not always ignore the issue of bad breath if it is a recurring issue. Bad breath could be because of gum problems or tooth decay. If the problem of bad breath is persistent, make sure you visit your dentist and seek medical attention.

Prevention tip: You can use over the counter medicines and mouthwash to curb bad breath. Brush at least twice a day. Make sure you clean your tongue whenever you brush. Flossing can also be helpful.

Mouth ulcers/sores

Mouth sores can be very troublesome. There can be various reasons behind the development of mouth sores and ulcers. If not treated in time, it might lead to serious dental diseases. Having said that, minor mouth sores go away on their own with time. 

The most common form of mouth sores are canker sores, also known as (aphthous ulcers).

Preventive tip: Avoid the consumption of hot and spicy food items in case you have mouth sores or ulcers. Keep your mouth clean. Use mouthwash and over the counter gels (dentist recommended).

Tooth Decay

Cavities – the most prevalent form of tooth problems in children and even in adults. Tooth decay is a major cause of bad breath. Other causes are consumption of sweets, formation of plaque, consumption of starchy food, poor dental upkeep. 

Tooth Decay
close-up of a human rotten carious tooth at the treatment stage in a dental clinic. The use of rubber dam system with latex scarves and metal clips, production of photopolymeric composite fillings

As we age, the tooth enamel tends to weaken and wear off. This can also be a potential reason for the development of tooth cavities.

Preventive tip: To prevent tooth decay, make sure you take advice from your dentist. Visit your dentist at least once every two months to keep your teeth healthy and in good shape. Brush and floss at least twice daily and avoid consumption of aerated drinks and sweets.

Crooked/Chipped Teeth/Gaps 

This is not a major dental concern. But a crooked and chipped smile can really affect the self esteem of many people. Which is why they seek dental help. There are various techniques available with the help of which you can achieve a bright white smile. 

Crooked/Chipped Teeth/Gaps
Front teeth gaps / Diastemas

An unattractive and dull smile is a reason why many people suffer from the problem of low self-esteem and confidence. Dental procedures such as implants, teeth whitening, and other cosmetic treatments can be used for smile correction and alignment. 

Preventive tip: Consult your dentist for the best teeth whitening and cosmetic treatments.

Tooth stains

Like our clothes, even our teeth can get stained. Yes, the yellow stains on your teeth! There are various dental procedures that can help you achieve a bright white smile. Yellow teeth stains can be a result of tobacco consumption, consumption of aerated drinks, smoking, alcoholism, and much more. If you wish to get rid of these stains, your dentist will suggest you different dental treatments such as teeth whitening, bleaching, and UV lighting.

Preventive tip: If you wish to keep your teeth white and avoid staining, consume sweets, alcohol, and other food items in moderation. There are various teeth whitening toothpastes and gel agents available in the market that can help you get rid of the stains. Your dentist can provide you the best advice.

Make dental care your priority if you wish to keep your teeth healthy and white. It is a step that should not be missed for a healthy white smile.

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