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That is the “zinger” for me. Let’s take an instance. Say you would normally want eight Trojan L-sixteen batteries (this isn’t to point that eight can be ample for you, this is simply an illustration). At $300-four hundred per battery, we are going to take a median of $350 x eight batteries = $2,800. This can be around 740 amp-hours of batteries at 24 volts. Now let’s take a forklift battery that we’ve experience with–GB Industrial Batteries. There are a wide range of sizes however let’s take the 24 volt battery that’s 804 amp-hours and weighs virtually 1,one hundred pounds. Slightly bigger than those eight L-16’s. How a lot does it value? Count on to pay around $2,500. Now, bear in mind that this battery ought to final not less than twice so long as those L-16’s if properly cared for. That is what I name a great deal!

For one, think about your customer’s facility. Do they have the right equipment to unload inventory you’re supplying them? Does their location have a traditional loading and unloading dock? If not, bringing your individual forklift is the best solution, plus it could make you a pair extra dollars on a sale.

How much weight can your job site assist? If you’re working on finished floors, check the load limit. If you’re engaged on rough surfaces, learn the way much weight the ground can help. Chances are you’ll wish to rent the most important forklift possible. However, an overweight machine can put a undertaking in danger.