Wedding Rings Trends for 2020

Wedding bands are designed to be forever, the symbol of commitment and love. Nevertheless, we cannot deny the fact that with each and every year, how we define the perfect wedding bands is always changing along with the trends.

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Throughout 2018, we have seen umpteen number of trends, for example, rose gold, white gold, oval cut, and trilogy rings among other trends. Some of these trends will stay, while we will also see the brand new trends and the return of classic ones.

Without further ado, here are our wedding rings trend predictions for 2020, starting with number one.

  • Rose Gold Wedding Bands: Rose gold as a trendy color choice is not really a brand new trend as it has been really famous for a decade or so. Nevertheless, we can expect the trend to stay in 2019. Wondering why are rose gold wedding bands famous? A number of people will agree to the fact that rose gold as a color choice presents an elegant, modern, and unique color scheme especially for couples with fairer skin tones.
  • The Return of Milgrain: Why should you buy milgrain wedding band? Mill grain or milgrain is a jewelry design you might have seen in the past but never particularly noticed. In a nutshell, milgrain comes from the french “mille-grain” which means “a thousand grains”. It is a row of metal beads that are closely placed. Most of the times milgrain is used as a border on classic styles rings. Nevertheless, nowadays milgrain is also often implemented in custom wedding rings with modern touches. The milgrain design is especially preferred to give the rings an intricate, sophisticated look as well as giving the ring a handmade feel.
  • Yellow Gold’s Comeback: While white gold and rose gold have been very famous than the timeless yellow gold in the past couple of years or so, yellow gold has been making a comeback during 2018, and we can expect this trend to continue in 2019-2020. There are a number of brides and grooms who are choosing yellow gold because of its classic look, and is often combined with more modern design choices. We all know that fashion trends are always moving in a cycle, and so would yellow gold regain its throne in 2019-2020 as the most popular choice? We shall wait and see. Nevertheless, if you are currently shopping for wedding bands, the warm, classic yellow tones can be an excellent, trendy choice.

These are some of the famous wedding band trends in 2019. Make sure you opt for the best one. In case you are planning to buy milgrain wedding band, get in touch with the experts at Leon Mege.

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