What Color Lipstick Makes Teeth Look Whiter?

How does lipstick make your teeth look whiter?

To choose a perfect makeup colour, say, lipstick, you need to understand your undertone. What is your colour complexions? Firstly, we would say you have to select your lip colour based on your complexion. Here we will talk about lipsticks that make your teeth brighter. You will get three kinds of lipsticks available in the market: Red, yellow, and blue-based colour. Blue based lipsticks eliminate the yellow and give prominence to white. By contrast, yellow undertones or warm red colours accentuate your teeth' yellow blooms. So, when you will go to a cosmetic shop, try to select cool blue undertone shades for yourself; it will help you instantly brighten up your teeth colour. Fortunately, a blue undertone not refers to lipstick of deep blue colour. In reality, red lipsticks with cool blue hues make your smile brightest. There are plenty of lipsticks of different brands and different budgets available online and offline to look your teeth whiter. You can buy at your convenience. Here we have picked out some colours and shades to make you understand better.

Some hues to make your teeth looks brighter, like a pearl

Ravishing raspberry

We know pink lipsticks are attractive, intense pink. But do you know your teeth will look more yellowish with deep pink colour lipsticks? Yes, that's why we would recommend you to replace deep pink colour lipsticks with raspberry colour. Avoid matte colours. Instead, use little shimmery shades. Use just a touch of clear gloss to increase the shine and volume of your lips.

Racy red

The orange-based or coral red colour makes your teeth look more yellowish. Thus, you must opt for the blue-based red for instant sparkle because of the colour wheel. Blue and yellow sit opposite each other; therefore, the blue colour cancels the yellow colour. Blue-based lipstick formula works like a colour corrector and diminishes your teeth' yellow and orange tone.

Turquoise flash

Oh really, turquoise flush falls under the blue-based lipstick category, which makes your teeth appear whiter. Turquoise lipstick generally comes with nude shades. Moisturizing lipsticks with a slight shimmer even out your complexion and make your teeth looks whiter—the combination of turquoise and nude suits in all skin tone.  Bright pink

Using a fusion of fuchsia and a high shine formula makes wonder, help you bring a bright smile to your face. Makeup artists consider it as a unique blend of colours. If you don't have this particular colour, take two different colours of lipsticks and blend them to get a bright pink colour. You can play with colours as much as possible. Colourful pink collars are incredibly flattering for dusky or olive skin tone, generate a natural warmth by solving your purpose.

Purple passion

Dark purple colour is exceptionally flattering for dusky skin tones and immediately adds a tremendous effect to any makeup look. In addition, it will brighten up the teeth.

Pleasantly plum

Pleasantly plum is the instant teeth whitener. Berries are the available combination of purple and pink colour. So, you can see the effect of blue hues.

Tones to avoid if you have yellow stained teeth:

Frosted shimmer colour is the too icy colour that genera of colours make your lips whiter and your teeth duller.

Bright neon colours make your skin more tanned. So, try to avoid neon colour lipstick if you want a promising set of teeth.

Strictly avoid brown lipsticks as it brings out the yellow hue in your teeth.

What to do if lipstick is not enough?

The right kind of lipsticks instantly brighten up your teeth, but if your problem is severe, you need to take the help of dentist nearby. They may recommend you to take teeth whitening treatment. It is part of cosmetic dentistry, famous for its aesthetic outcome. Now people prefer to do so because the aftereffect can give you a bright and confident smile—usually, dentists use bleaching and non-bleaching teeth whitening products. Bleaching products contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These products are highly effective in removing both deep stains and surface stains on teeth and providing you with natural shade.