What is CompTIA’s Network+ Certification?

Just like with A+, CompTIA Network+ is a foundational certification that allows a candidate to earn an entry level job at different organizations. Moreover, CompTIA A+ Certification and Program, coupled with Cisco, Juniper’s Network Certified Associate – Junos (JNCIA-Junos) training, Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training, makes sure that the candidate has a successful career.

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The CompTIA Network+ exam consists of 90 MCOs, which need to be answered within 90 minutes, along with performance based simulations. It is accredited by ANSI(American National Standards Institute) and complies with ISO 17024. This is a positive point for people who want to pursue a career in governmental organizations such as the US Department of Defense. Because it has ANSI and ISO certification, thus it is important for the certificate holder to maintain CEUs(Continuing Education Units).

After being certified with CompTIA Network+, the individual will have to maintain a minimum of 30 CEUs over the three-year period before renewing the certification.

CompTIA Network+ Domains

There are umpteen number of domains that are covered via CompTIA Security+ Certification. Domains are different categories in which various information is provided in the certification. Each domain is furthermore broken down into subdomains that helps in clearing the exam. The information a student gets from these domains helps in polishing his or her skill set while preparing for the exams.

CompTIA Network+ Certification consists of the following Domains:

  • Domain 1: Network Architecture – It covers about 22% of the questions that will appear in the exam
  • Domain 2: Network Operations – This again consists of  20% of the questions that will appear in the exam
  • Domain 3: Network Security which forms 18% of the exam paper
  • Domain 4: Troubleshooting. This makes up 24% of the exam paper, and
  • Domain 5: Industry Standards, Practices, and Network Theory, which make up 16% of the exam.

Every domain covers a number of topics on the respective subject, and students must be well versed in all of them.

In order to get the CompTIA Network+ Certification, employers seek core networking concepts, and this certification provides that.

Why select the Network+ Certification?

Next, the question arises what does this certification provide you? It opens doors of opportunities in various organizations, since it is one of the requirements for entry level jobs.

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Having CompTIA’s Network+ certification is an additional benefit that increases your chances of being considered for an interview and hence of landing a job. To sum it all, CompTIA Network+ Certification is mid-tier qualification which will take you different places.

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