What is the Average and Large Penis Size – Explained?

When we talk of men's confidence in matters of sexual ability, there is a heavy weight on the size of the penis. Regardless of the size, many tend to worry about the size, whether small, big, or average. Societal pressures and misinformation greatly contributes to the unrealistic expectations of penis size, which causes anxiety and dissatisfaction.

People who are content about their penis size are okay; however, the men who worry a lot have sexual health problems. They are uncomfortable, which makes the low confidence ruin relationships. And, in adverse situations, such men tend to have a low self-image that makes them withdraw from people.

Normal Penis Size Explained:

If there is a topic men are worried about is the normal size of the penis. Many tend to worry much about it yet will never want it disclosed to the public. The British Journal of Urology International research found that a flaccid penis is about 3.61 inches while an erect penis is about 5.16 inches.

The girth on an average penis is 3.66 inches for the flaccid penis, and the erected one is 4.59 inches, with the girth being the widest circumference section. The study has further shown that only five men have their penis longer than the average out of one hundred men.

The Journal of urology also concurred with the findings. It reiterated that the length of a flaccid penis doesn't indicate its size when fully erected—implying that flaccid penises vary in size but can have the same length when erected.

What Is Above Average Or Large Penis Size:

The men population is always on the watch out to know about their penis sizes. And the knowledge about the size will boost their confidence or leave them searching for other options to enlarging their manhood. Besides, no man wants to have a small manhood, and all they hope for is the biggest endowment. This brings us to what is large penis size?

Size 1 – About 5 inches Penis

This category has a penis of about 4 inches when erect, which is regarded as the micropenis. Men who are in this category are about 5%. They have small penises, which is considered a severe condition that comes with psychological torture and emotional-related issues.  Although it is rare to find men with this penis size, it is treatable through hormone therapy and surgical operations.

Size 2 – About 6 Inches Penis

Experts show that about 20% of the male population fall in this category, having about 4 to 5 inches' penis when fully erect. Though seen as common between men, this category of men can also use penis extenders and pumps to enlarge their manhood to their desired sizes. They can consume foods that boost blood flow to the penis to increase the length and use traction devices to boost the length because they have little work to enlarge their penises. Although they are anxious about increasing the dick sizes, men in this bracket are not over-anxious like having the micropenis.

Size 3 – About 7 inches Penis

In this third category, about 50% of men fall in this bracket. Here, the penis size measures between 5-6 inches in length when fully erect. This size is the average in most countries like the United States. Many reports and a good number of the male population assumed that the average penis size of an American is 7 inches, which was flawed reporting. This made people falling in the average size seek enlargement options, of which quite a number were successful. Ideally, this size of a penis doesn't require any form of enhancement but a workout on the thickening.

Size 4. – About 8 inches Penis

This category is for the guys who are 6.25 to 7.5 inches long. Men having this size of penis should not be concerned about enlargement. Though the inadequacy feeling may creep in, going for BRONDEVIL DEVELOPPE SEX™ PENILE LENGTH ENHANCER options can be considered. However, if a person resolves to increase their penis while falling in this bracket, it is still possible to do the procedure to get the desired size. Though consider your body size to ensure your penis fits the rest of your body.

Size 5 – About 9 inches Penis

This is the massive penis which is over 7.5 inches. The world's biggest penis is recorded to be 13.5 pretty big inches. This bracket has only about 5% of the male population because most men are closer to the 7.5 to 8-inch category. Men having this type of penis size can be classified as blessed or cursed. The bigger penis means that you can have trouble getting an erection or maintaining it. Besides, you may also not get a lover willing to take it in because they fear undergoing pain during the penetration. Like the stress men having the micropenis undergo, the massive ones also suffer the same fate.


When we talk about penis size, it's a delicate topic that has some misinformation. False facts surrounding this topic cannot be swept under the carpet. There are myths that an average penis is 7 inches long, which isn't true.

Paul Turek, in his findings, says that an average penis is 5.2 inches long, and about 90% of men fall within the average size of the penis. Besides, size doesn't matter when you want to satisfy your partner. But, many people tend to think that a large penis equals satisfaction.

Some people also believe that the ideal penis is straight, but the truth is that penises come in different shapes and sizes. Some penises are curved upwards, sideways, or in whichever direction they take, which is normal.

Also, people relate the shoe size to the size of the penis. The truth is there is no correlation between the two aspects, and any belief about shoe size is a fallacy. Again, there is a queer perception that if the flaccid penis is soft, then it will be negligible when erected. This is different on most occasions as men have various sizes of the penis in both the flaccid and erect states. A penis can be huge when flaccid but will not be that big when fully erect.

FAQ About Penis Length

1.      Is 9 Inches A Good Size

The 9-inch-long penis is just good for the show. Ideally, any woman would not want to take in that size because it hurts too much. You can fake the feeling, but such a massive penis will cause more harm than good because the chances are that a woman will not reach the orgasms or get the needed satisfaction.

2.      How Many Guys Have 7 Inches?

Not so many people have the 7 inches penis size. About 6% of men have this type of penis which in a real sense is a small percentage of the male population. And, women tend to fear men who have massive manhood because they are associated with pain when having penetration which is not something they would want when having sex.

3.      What Is Considered A Large Penis

A big penis is anything above 7.4 inches. Though that is a rough estimate, some people may view it as small, but the 7-inch mark is some gigantic manhood. And, only a fraction of men has this type of dick, to be specific. If you are blessed with this type, know that you are amongst the few people having a significant endowment.

4.      How Many Guys Have 8 Inches?

This question carries with it a lot of chills. However, some men have dick which are 8 inches long, We call these men as the gifted men, but some are so determined to research and find ways that they can use to increase their penis to such length.

 Though the average penis ranges between 5.5 to 6.2, people in this category also exist and are much normal. But most of the time, they prefer to have one or two inches taken away from them to feel better.

5.      Is 8 Inches Big

Yes, 8 inches is too big. Any normal man born with the size often prefers to reduce their penis size instead of the ones possessed with adding some length. Besides, some women find it pleasurable having sex with men who are so gifted between their thighs; reason, they penetrate the more sensitive parts perfectly during intercourse, thus increasing sexual pleasure.

Final Note:

Even though men are worried about their manhood size, the truth is that a good percentage of the male population is within the average size. It implies that only a negligible percentage falls under the micropenis bracket.

So, before thinking of enlargement, you have to know your measurement to see where you fall. A size above 8 inches should not be a candidate of enhancement unless otherwise. However, if you have candid reasons for going for the Maxi Penis Cream or Devoppe Sex Penis Enhancer enlargement, do so while maintaining the manhood to your body size.

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